July 27, 2006

Facing South

Uh, OH!

I’m not a Democrat or Republican, but can someone tell me what we accomplished in Iraq so far? Something positive I mean.

Please, I’m asking for rebuttal.

We went into Iraq, against the advice of our own military, against the advice of our own intelligence, and against the advice of the United Nations and their Weapons Inspectors. Cheney confirmed in 1991 that removing Saddam would lead to Civil War that would last for decades, which the military intelligence also advised before Bush’s Invasion and occupation. That can’t be rebutted, those are facts.

The Civil War that was predicted is now being waged. The situation is deteriorating everyday. That news comes directly from the embassy reports and from military that are being rotated out. The citizens have less civil rights now, extreme unemployment, infrastructure is crumbling, utilities are extremely unreliable. The people are being murdered by their own people for wearing the wrong type clothes or wearing their hair the wrong way. Women have have less access to government services and education. We have replaced a secular government with a religious based government, and the consequences are obvious. More Iraqis are being murdered by Iraqis than under Saddam’s rule.

I’m was not a fan of Saddam. I have Jewish ancestory and I’m glad he is gone. He was a tyrant and a dictator who killed his opposition. But they are still doing that now, what has changed?

And being in the military, I will support the troops, but I wish they weren't there, and I know they don't have much choice, so we must support them and their families. However, I wish our focus had stayed on Afganhistan and finding the terrorist that started it all, Osama Bin Laden.

I don’t let the popular news media, either left or right, control my opinions. Most Americans are too ignorant to form their own opinions so they turn of the TV and the partisan news programs tell them what to think. I examine the facts and make up my mind. I cannot see what positives we have accomplished in Iraq, someone please tell me. It’s been bad for Iraq, bad for the U.S., bad for all involved. Bad for the economic future for the U.S., bad for our foriegn relations, bad for Bush’s and Republicans reputation and popularity.

I’ve been looking for positives on a daily basis, something positive that is not just right wing confirmation bias. It seems like everything is going downhill, rolling faster as it head towards certain disaster at the bottom.

Has anything positive been accomplished?

With Israel and Lebanon being the front page of the news, lets not lose focus on just how bad the situation is in Iraq.

Do we stay fools (stay the course), or become cowards (pull them out)? Pride or humility, which is more important? Popular religous myths always side with humility. It is obvious that our current direction is not working. It is like a speeding train that is getting close to the end of the tracks, a speeding car heading for a stately oak tree, the Titanic heading for the Iceberg. We at least need to change direction, else face disaster.

July 18, 2006

Whores and Assholes

The Dilbert blog, Phone Whores, is interesting today. It is about inconsiderate idiots on cell-phones.


July 16, 2006

Big Sigh!