June 30, 2006

Red, blue, this, that, up, down

When a valid community group has values, morals, and activism that have a high degree of integrity and benefit for the community its serving, then there is no need to invalidate, belittle, deride , and negate opposing views.

Can anyone else see how dysfunctional our political system has become because of the constant negativity from both sides. Displays real lack of integrity and validity of our political parties.

Dont tell me why an opposing view is wrong, tell me why your view is valid.

I'm still confused as to what purpose our political parties serve

June 26, 2006


This is what happens when I let myself out of the cage. Be vewy, vewy quiet.

June 16, 2006

Get Serious

(Click on title and Sing along)
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rolls over your neighbor's dog?
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It's Blog, Blog, Blog!
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Everyone needs a Blog!"

June 14, 2006

Time for a nap.

God is a metaphor for the reality of the natural world. If you want to know God, just look at nature, look at the universe.

The more we learn about how the natural world works, the more we know about God. God could not exist in an unnatural world. What is unnatural does not exist; the "supernatural" is a concept that only exists within the human mind, the same mind that creates great work of fiction. The natural world is the truth, it is reality. If a heaven, hell, karma, or nirvana exist, than it is a natural state of existence that is real.

All life in our universe is made of the same debris that that the universe is made of, we are one and the same. You can look at life on just the earth the same way. All life is created from the same material that makes the earth. When left to natural cycles, life dies and returns its material to the earth. This material could someday become another life, in another form. In this way, we are eternal.

The hard part is accepting reality. The mind does not always see reality clearly. Reality can be obscured by the human mind's delusions - an optical illusion of consciousness. We think something is real and part of the natural world, and therefore it becomes our reality, but it may not be true reality. We stay in this delusion until we wake up, or until reality ends for us. We suffer with the delusions of our limited human minds, when there is much more to reality than our human minds can comprehend.

Religion is a problem because it tries to define what God is by using the limited words and ideas of the human mind. We know something exists. When we try to define God using human language, we lose its meaning or change it into something that is unnatural. Not everything in reality can be put into the limited languages of humans. Instead, religion tries to be above the natural world, more powerful than reality. Humans suffer because religion has become more important than happiness. Blind religious faith blocks the mind's natural curiosity about reality. The bibles of religion have many good concepts. But it is how we interpret these concepts that lead to problems. You see this is where we try to conceptualize ideas which just don’t translate into human language. We lose something in the translations and this is very dangerous.

Even if religion could accept reality and the Power of Nature as God, the religions would argue and kill over what is real. Could science ever become the judge of what is God? When will the human race search for God by searching for knowledge of what is real, instead of spreading dangerous religious fundamentalism that is an unnatural, anti-human, and fallacious ideology that destroys God?

"A human being is a part of a whole, called by us 'universe', a part limited in time and space. He experiences himself, his thoughts and feelings as something separated from the rest... a kind of optical delusion of his consciousness. This delusion is a kind of prison for us, restricting us to our personal desires and to affection for a few persons nearest to us. Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty." - Albert Einstein

June 10, 2006

Flesh wound

The recent posts of political commentary need to stop. Why do I pay so much attention to those who deserve it the least? I must stop analyzing the nonsense of U.S. Politics and return to a focus of random thoughts. Maybe tomorrow I will have a new Sunday Sermon for me. (Yes, me, not you, me, it's all about me.)

June 8, 2006

Besar mi asno

I understand and emphasize that learning English will only help you get ahead in the U.S. today. It is the langauge of business in the global economy and it is the language used to teach most higher education classes in the U.S.. Learning english will only benefit those wishing to do well in the U.S.
BUT to force immigrants to learn english is kind of, um, FACIST. The so-called executive leader of the U.S. (aka President Bush) doesn't command a useful knowledge of this language, can we send him to class before we make this idiotic decree.

Immigrants are coming to this country and landing jobs easily without needing to learn english. To get ahead in this country, to make their lives a bit easier, they could learn english and learn some technical skills. But if they are happy where they are at and with what they are doing, why should we force education on them. Let them be happy!

I'll never understand how the redneck republican culture thinks they are improving the U.S. by forcing their backward ideals on those that have not grown-up in their selfish, all-about-me, stay-stupid society. They like to talk about "Freedom" while they keep becoming more fascist, dictatorial, and authoritarian.

Crawling back in my hole..........

June 7, 2006

Alabama Lobotomy

The history of Alabama is moving backwards. They have just approved to use the Alabama constitution to discriminate, again.

Alabama Gay marriage ban easily approved

Gays must also sit at the back of the bus and use seperate bathrooms.

While the rest of the world progresses, Alabama has proven once again it's strength in prejudice, keeping a closed mind to eradicating any kind of government approved discrimination.

But there is a bright spot. Alabama voters did manage to keep the infamous Roy Moore and his simple minded apostle Tom Parker out of Alabama government. They are slow, but I think somewhere, somehow, wisdom is starting to shine through in Alabama.

June 5, 2006

Passive Activism

Republicans: Quit wasting our tax money on word definitions.

Why do they have to make everything so complicated. Ok. Lets give it to them. If the right-wingers want to define marriage as a union between opposites sexes, lets let them have it their way.

BUT. You don't need to put it in the constitution. The constitution should NEVER be used to discriminate against citizens or to take away their liberties.

AND. We need to come up with a "Civil Union" to accomodate those who don't meet the simple-minded right wing ideal of marriage. We need this "Civil Union" so that two people can commit themselves to each other regardless of the prejudices of others. It doesn't have to be based on sexual orientation. I'm sure there are couples who are married strictly for companionship, opposite sexes, and are asexual. I know of regular couples like this and that really can't be defined as "marriage" because of the lack of copulation. What if two good friends want to commit their lives to each other, and they are of the same sex, but they are not gay. It happens all the time. How about two sisters that are through trying to find "Mr Right" and are disgusted with the thought of commiting themselves to a man, so they commit the rest of their lives to each other, completely asexual relationship. We need a legal union to cover these people for legal purposes.

Let's give the republicans their marriage definition, and then come up with a intelligent solution for the union of those people the republicans want to discriminate against.

June 3, 2006


As it gets near election day in Montgomery, it is hard to avoid all the political rukus and nonsense going on around us. I do vote, so I need to know whom I'm going to vote for by trying to find out where they stand on the issues I care about. I do this by researching their experience and watching some campaign speeches. I do no blindly vote down party lines, partisan politics is complete nonsense and it is a lazy and wasteful use of your vote.

There is one way a candidate can get me to NOT vote for them. It is by creating pollution and sticking their name on it. I'm talking about all the ugly campaign signs that litter and pollute our roads and nieghborhoods. If I see a name on a ugly campaign poster stuck on the side of a road, telephone pole or neighbors yard, I do make a note NOT to vote for that person.

Anyone who makes a decision based on a name on a sign should not vote, it is making an uninformed decision. If you would vote on a person based on a name on a poster, please don't vote. First you are just throwing away a vote, it is irresponsible, and second, why would you vote for a person that trashes the place you live. Campaign posters are pollution, and the candidates that place them create a ugly, trashy eyesore of our cities.

Candidates, quit littering Montgomery with your campaign signs.

June 1, 2006

Alabama Politics

As much as I hate politics, it is really something to behold here in Alabama. From the state that brougth you "To Kill A Mockingbird" and the Scottsboro trials, we have people campaigning for Chief Justice here that run on the platform that they will be a bigot, that they will pick and choose which laws to uphold, and base decisions on their personal beliefs. Hey, if someone like Roy Moore can be elected as Chief Justice, then other bigots like Tom Parker sure have a hell of a chance, no matter how ignorant, intolerant, dishonest, and backward his own campaign ads portray him. Montgomery Advertiser Story.

Doesn't anyone remember George Wallace around here. Do the people of Alabama want that kind government around here. Roy Moore was righfully removed from office by putting his personal beliefs ahead of the law of the land, do we want to go thru that again?

The politics around here remind me a bad television show, yet it is real and these people are serious!

Tom Parker has run a very negative campaign, and the other Republican candidate, Drayton Nabors has run a very positive campaign. I do not participate in partisan politics, but on that point alone, Nabors is a much, much, much better choice.

But so far, Sue Bell has my vote, more experience and integrity than the above candidates.