October 30, 2007

About the Issues

I do take sides on certain issues, and I have my reasons.

I thought it would be a good idea to present my side of certain issues. However, everytime I'd start writing, a voice in my head would be yelling at me "WHO ASKED FOR YOUR OPINION". My opinions have been stated somewhere on this blog, within the text of my posts. It's not exactly a surprise.

So if any of my few readers who like me to explain my side of any issue, you only have to ask. I read all comments, even though I don't always respond to them. (I will continue to clean up any pigeon shit that happens to fall on the comments section.)

Here are a few of the issues and my view:

Iraq: Our leaders are criminals for starting the war, they lied, mismanaged it, and have caused the death of thousands of innocent people for immoral purposes. They gave up their morality and ethics for power and have become corrupted. They are war criminals.

WWII was won because of the efforts and sacrifices of U.S. citizens. Are the American people willing to sacrifice to bring an end to this conflict? The overwhelming response has been "NO". "Fight your war, just don't take away our luxuries." With that attitude, we will never be successful."

Osama Bin Laden: The U.S. will never capture him because of its friendship with Saudi Arabia and the Bin Laden family, which is very wealthy and powerful influence to oil consuming countries. Killing him or capturing him will cause more stress between the U.S. and Muslim countries. The U.S. has tried to influence other Islamic countries to capture him, but they idolize him, so there isn't much chance of that happening.

Death Penalty: Barbaric violation of human rights. It doesn't punish, it releases criminals from their punishment. It doesn't deter the crimes for which it serves as a sentence. It is murder, and murder is wrong. Most religious groups have called for its abolition. The top countries for capital punishment are also the biggest human rights violators. China, Iran, Iraq, Sudan and the U.S.A. are the top countries where it is still performed. Is this the direction the U.S. wants to go? Disregarding the basics of human dignity? In most of the developed world like Europe and Canada, the use of life in prison without parole has been used successfully to deter those offenses in which the the death penalty would be used, why does the U.S. prefer the barbaric use of form of "punishment"? Also, in the U.S., because of automatic appeals and reviews, it costs much more to put a criminal to death, than to support that prisoner in an institution for life. So what is the upside? I can't find any.

Economy: The current leaders are running out of ways to keep up this facade of a strong economy. Top accountants have been warning of the collapse. It can be avoided, but it's going to take much fiscal discipline and sacrifice, something I see the citizens of the U.S. are unwilling to do.

Environment: The overwhelming majority of scientists and ecologist agree that humans are causing the health of our planet to collapse. We need to start being more ecology minded, and quit abusing the earth's resources. I can see and feel it happening, and I see how selfish, abusive and uncaring people have become. It makes me sad that they care more about themselves and today, rather than preserving something for their future generations to enjoy tomorrow as they do today.

Chocolate: Dark

Beer: Stout or Dark

Coffee: Bold and strong

Tea: Green

Any issue you'd like to see my view on? Please give me a clue. If not, you'll just get more introspection from a skinny, freaky road runner.

Thanks to Mauigirl:

How to Win a Fight With a Conservative is the ultimate survival guide for political arguments

My Liberal Identity:

You are a Peace Patroller, also known as an anti-war liberal or neo-hippie. You believe in putting an end to American imperial conquest, stopping wars that have already been lost, and supporting our troops by bringing them home.

From a previous post:
I'm not a Liberal. Many people think because of my views that I'm Liberal or democrat. Not even close. Personally, I have always leaned to the conservative side, but I have many viewpoints and opinions that most people would consider liberal. I'm a middle-of-the-roader who likes to consider both sides of an issues before possibly taking a side.

I believe the best way to live is someone in middle ground of these two influences. I like tradition and routine, but I believe that progress is as necessary to life as evolution. I like to have my personal liberties, but believe that some sort of government authority is required to limit the power, influence, and greed of those who take advantage of others

October 25, 2007

Life or Strife

Life is Good!

Life is precious.

Life begins at the first division of cells.

Human life is much more complicated than just being alive. We have to deal with families, neighbors, politics, bullies, abusers, making a living, war, etc.

I cannot decide what is the right thing for a woman to do when she has an unwanted pregnancy. I'm not living her life. It shouldn't be anyone's decision but hers. There are too many complicating factors.

There are times when it is more moral and merciful not to bring a child into a life of lifelong poverty, illness, mental or physical abuse, or unhealthy family relationships. Sometimes these decisions are made after conception, which is unfortunate, but we should not punish a child for poor decisions of their parents in a moment of careless passion.

Sex education and easily available contraception should be used to education everyone and prevent these situations, even then it is not a complete solution. Humans make mistakes, and then there are the victims of sexual abuse. Telling people that abstinence is the only way is not much use to victims of rape or those who been prohibited from sex education and do not know the consequences of their actions.

Story of Raquel

Abortion prohibition will not eliminate the demand or need for legal and safe abortion.

Abortion prohibition will not eliminate abortion any more than the prohibition of certain drugs has eliminated those substances.

Abortion prohibition will increase the number of abortions, and the number of women who die or left barren because of unsafe medical procedures.

Abortion prohibition will eliminate the chance to counsel those seeking abortion on alternatives and mental health counseling of those women.

The rich will continue to go somewhere where it can be done safe and legally, the poor will receive the unsafe back room medical procedure.

One last point. This is not a religious issue. According to their documentation, abortion is wrong, but is is not considered murder (Exodus 21:22) and "God" does not give a person life and a soul until they take their first breath (Genesis 2:7). Bible scholars will tell you that bible quotes are useless, because any point can be contradicted by another bible quote, so using the bible as a guide for your life is pointless. We've learned much since those ancient writings (we have eaten the fruit).

Jesus and Mo' debate the issue and one more time

October 23, 2007

The Truth about Truth

Truth isn't black or white.

Wait a minute, yes it is. Something is either true or it's not. Right?

What about what we don't know, that which could be true. That is theory, not truth.

So truth IS black or white?

No, it is not that easy.

Let's say we have opposing views on a topical issue. It is quite possible that those opposing views are both based on truths, and both views are valid. Truths collide. There are many truths.

I can take many issues important to modern cultures, and find that both sides of any issue is based on truths, not theory.

In the next few blog posts I want to document my side of many issues. My views are based on the truths that have had greatest impact on my life, or my mind has tried to rationalize. I will try to accentuate the positive points over the negative. Some might think my side is over simplistic, but that simplicity is only the way I communicate these views, which have had much complication to arrive at this destination, at this point in time.

Opinions are dynamic. My views may be different than ones I had when I was younger, and as I grow older I will certainly change or redefine my stated position. This does not make me wishy-washy, or a flip-flopper. It means that I can learn and grow from my life experiences. It makes me human.


October 22, 2007

New Kind of Bigotry

Your family is starving.

You have no land to grow your own food. You get by on scraps. There are no jobs in your area, the outlook is not good. Your kids get sick and you don't have any money for doctors or medicine. Your parents and your wife's family life isn't any better. You all live together in a small shack, because you cannot afford anything else.

You have heard stories of a place where food, money, and jobs are plentiful. You want to move, but the process for getting all your family approved for the move may take years. They are hungry and sick now. If only you could make some money to buy some food and to buy some land, you might be able to feed your family, everyone will be able to survive and be healthy.

There is place of plenty. They need you, they want you. People there are lined up for workers like you. What is stopping you? You are not allowed in until you have been "approved", otherwise you will be "illegal", but your family is hungry NOW! Some of your family may die if you don't do something, fast.

What do you do? What is the greater crime, breaking immigration rules or allowing your family to starve?

In the U.S., illegals are becoming the group receiving much of the blame for many of our troubles that we have created. I hope it doesn't come down to talk of a "solution" to this problem.

In a country that was created by immigration, it is disturbing to see how many of these U.S. non-natives want to make it harder for people to become citizens of our society of plenty.

We are:


Nationalism versus Humanity, isn't it. Why are we so proud?

Read about Pedro Zapeta


October 18, 2007

What's Right With the World?

Don't turn on the news, you won't find a positive message there.

I'm having a hard time getting motivated to write any blog posts. There's plenty of happenings which would make good post subjects, bad bad news, mindless distractions, and inappropriate reactions to those events. The voices are screaming at me "YOU HAVE TO SAY SOMETHING ABOUT THAT", but I keep my voices repressed. I'm becoming too negative. Another voice states in a calm tween accent "Look for positive news, and shout about that".

So I look and look and look. The more I search for "good" news, the more depressed I become.

I want to go play with my grandkids some more, and forget the rest of this Mad World.

(Artwork scraped from http://www.roselynch.com/card.htm)

October 12, 2007

Aloha from A to Z

Here are the much anticipated vacation pictures. I feel sorry for all the other grandparents in the world, the universe has blessed me with the best granddaughters ever.

There are no pictures of Hawaii, I wasn't there to see the island (been there, done that) just to spend time with this part of my family that lives too far away.

Hanging out in the front yard

Feeding the koi at Byodo-In Buddhist Temple

This one was taken before my visit, but I love the effect so I had to share.

Life is Good!

October 11, 2007

Back and Blue

I'm back.

The world ended yesterday, today is only a delusion. Depressing delusion.

My deluded world contains massive amounts of work which needs to be destroyed post haste. Luckily I still have all my destructo tools, but it might take me a few days to obliterate it.

Coming Real Soon: Friday

While I was away: The subject of this Jesus and Mo' comic actually happened in my neighborhood. This is why I'm scared of preachers, ministers and priests, but maybe that's why some people go to church. This wasn't an isolated incident.

October 1, 2007

On Vacation

I will be gone on vacation until October 9. I will be visiting my daughter and granddaughters in a well known tropical vacation spot.

Check back frequently, I will be posting pictures here when I can.

Can anyone guess where I will be?

Here is a picture of the island within an island where I will be staying.

(The answer is Moku-umeume, click on the picture)