December 31, 2007

Just Another Day

Like Hell it is!

Today I will celebrate my two favorite addictions in a two day sleep-deprived drunken runfest.

It starts at 2 this afternoon, with a 5 Mile run on the Chief Ladiga Trail in Jacksonville, Alabama. That is the only serious race which I will be keeping track of my results. After a brief rehydration party, I will make my way over to Birmingham for a private New Years Eve run and party, with plenty of rehydration concoctions, and carbohydrate replenishment snacks. Then I will try to make my way back to Montgomery for a 10 AM New Years Day 5K Chili Run put on by our local club.

Running is a great way to avoid hangovers, as is keeping yourself hydrated with plenty of Guinness. I'm anemic, and Guinness is a brew with a high iron content, and it is very hearty drink, just the ticket for athletic wanna-bees who are looking for high calorie run recovery product. I only drink it for my health.

If you don't hear from me for a while, it means I couldn't find anyone to post bail, or I've become road kill on some suburban cul-de-sac. Don't worry, someone will take care of me when the smell gets too unpleasant.

If I survive, I'll be updating you with my stories of the drunk running dork and his adventures of the next two days.

Have a Safe and Happy New Year. Well, at least be happy, and stay out of the way!


December 28, 2007

When Is Lunch? - I'm Not Hungry

Continued from:
When Is Lunch?
When Is Lunch? - The Next Meal
When Is Lunch? - Let's Go Out
When Is Lunch? - You Make It

.... With the approval of his wife, he planned a trip to see a girlfriend from his teenage years .........

The visit with his old friend was incredible. They had so much in common. They both had a great time together doing all the things he been wishing his wife would do with him.

He decided, without much thought, that he wasn't the problem in the marriage. They had become two different people and their life together was bad for both of them. With encouragement from his old friend, he decided to end his marriage. If it was to make his life better, why did he feel so bad? His intuition said he was doing the wrong thing, but he couldn't see the reason in his head, which was telling him to change his life. Besides, his wife did not put up any fight, in fact she seemed relieved, like she wanted to go her seperate way, also.

He knew he could easily find someone with whom he could share his life, a kindred spirit. He met so many. Before he was divorced, they seemed to be everywhere and anxious to find someone like himself. Then reality set in. He found that what people wanted from life, and what they were willing to do make that life happen, were secondary to the cold comfort they now lived. They were too scared to change.

The next few years of his life were the most confusing and stressful time he had ever seen. Up until now it seemed that everything was just handed to him, like he didn't have any control of what happened, good things happened, and his career flourished, as long as he was going along for the ride, and not steering. Now it seemed he had complete control of his life, and he was scared he wouldn't be able to handle it. Stress, depression, and the feeling of hopelessness were daily visitors. Relationships didn't work out, work was overwhelming, and all the decisions he made for himself had bad consequences, which made him feel worse. He felt he couldn't fix this mistake his life had become.

He started making plans to give away his assets, and end his journey..........

... to be continued ...


December 25, 2007

I Wish You Peace

His words are simple
Love and peace for everyone
When do we begin?

December 23, 2007

Fa La La - La La - La La La La

Is there a big sign on my back that says "Tag Me"?

Kelly The Black Dog did it this time!

This is my Holiday Gift to my readers. A Christmas MeMe.

The rules: Link to the person that tagged you, and post the rules on your blog. Share Christmas facts about yourself. Tag random people at the end of your post, and include links to their blogs. Let each person know that they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

1. Wrapping or gift bags? Bags. I'm too impatient for wrapping.

2. Real or artificial tree? When I was in homes that celebrated Christmas as a child, we always had real trees. When I had my own family, we had artificial, just because it was more frugal, and easy. Now I don't put up a tree. Because I'm lazy. and no one would notice anyway.

3. When do you put up the tree?
As a child it was the week of Christmas, as an adult, it was mid-December. Of course now, it is never.

4. When do you take the tree down?
New Years Eve or Day.

5. Do you like eggnog? Yes, I like Egg Nog, but I don't drink it, it is so full of saturated fat. I found Bolthouse Farms Perfectly Protein Vanilla Chai Tea (made with Soy) tastes just as good as Egg Nog and is healthy, so that is what I drink now instead of Egg Nog. I drink it spiked.

6. Favorite gift received as a child? Legos

7. Do you have a nativity scene? No and never had one as a child.

8. Worst Christmas gift you ever received? Can't think of any.

9. Mail or e-mail Christmas cards? I've never done Christmas Cards.

10. Favorite Christmas movie? A Christmas Carol. I have dreams similar to Scrooge's.

11. When do you start shopping for Christmas? Do all my shopping on-line (now), and wait until the last minute. I cannot stand stores this time of year. I have panic attacks and retreat to a dark corner for days if I go Christmas shopping.

12. Favorite thing to eat at Christmas? Snickerdoodles and Dark-Chocolate Covered Marzipan.

13. Clear lights or colored on the tree? When there was a tree, it was always colored lights, but I prefer clear now.

14. Favorite Christmas song? Happy Christmas (War is Over) - John Lennon. I cannot listen to that song and not get tears. I wish others would understand the meaning of those words.

15. Travel at Christmas or stay home?
Stay home.

16. Can you name all of Santa’s reindeer?
Yes. I can also recall the most famous reindeer of all and Olive, the other reindeer.

17. Angel on the tree top or a star?

18. Open the presents Christmas Eve or Christmas Morning?
Morning. As a child, sometimes it was Christmas Eve.

19. Most annoying thing about this time of year?
Not being able to go to the store. I won't, it is just too degrading.

20. Do you decorate your tree in any specific theme or color?

21. What do you leave for Santa?
Cookies and Milk.

22. Least favorite holiday song?
"We Wish You a Merry Christmas"

23. Favorite ornament?

24. Family tradition?
My childhood families? Dysfunction. My own family? Grandma's (in-laws) House.

25. Ever been to Midnight Mass or late-night Christmas Eve services?
No. Never.

I tag Mauigirl (she knows why), Cindra (Where have you been?), and Nancy (another non-traditionalist, and she loves to get tagged).


December 21, 2007

Twelve Twenty One

Only few days left before we celebrate how much Capitalism means to the U.S.A.

There's a "War" on it. Well, you can talk about there being a "reason" for this holiday, but few actually show it. They say actions speak louder than words, well show me what it means to you, quit just talking about it.

In my honest, humble, freaky opinion:

It should be a universal holiday to celebrate the beginning of life (the birth of a child) who is a child of a higher power (aren't we ALL). Conceiving a baby is the only way to keep human life on this planet, so it should be treated as a high honor. It doesn't matter if it is an poor unwed mother, teenagers discovering the beauty of human intimacy, or soul conceived in a relationship betrayal. It is a honor, and those receiving this honor should be placed on pedestal, there is no shame in any pregnancy.

Those not wishing to receive this honor or the responsibility it carries, should not be forced into receiving it by the judgements of others. It is intensely personal, just like spiritual beliefs, and cannot be applied uniformly to a species with very diverse lives and personalities.

Birth control and safe legal abortion must remain available to ensure the humans have the education and means necessary to make this life long decision, and to honor the sanctity of life. Those decisions must be made with logic and reason, not state or church control. The metaphoric "God" is in control of all our actions, and whatever the result, it is "His" decision.

That way we can have a holiday to honor the birth of a child for the "miracle" it is, the creation of life by a higher power in which we are the instruments of its actions.


December 18, 2007

When Is Lunch? - You Make It

The continuing mediocrity of a some nameless man. Continued from:
When Is Lunch?
When Is Lunch? - The Next Meal
When Is Lunch? - Let's Go Out

He had contacted and reconnected with girlfriends from his youth. He started thinking about them too much.

He liked learning about them and what their lives had been like. For the time being, all he wanted, was someone to write, someone who was more anonymous then his current circle of friends, but yet knew him. He needed to tell someone about what was going on in his life and in his head. Someone who was distant, but close.

He dark mood seem to lift as he talked to these past friends, but as he compared his life to theirs, he was embarrassed to tell them he had it so good for a long time. Here he was, with such a good life, and becoming depressed and miserable, when so many others have not had such luck.

Sometimes, you have to know a little misery to know how good you really have it.

He started thinking about one of these friends too much, and received messages and calls stating she was thinking about him all the time. He wanted to see her. His only intention was friendship, but his mind did wonder about "what if". He didn't think it was possible to change his life from what it was now, and he wasn't ready to think about that or change his life. The thing he wanted most was to keep in touch with old friends.

With the approval of his wife, he planned to trip to see her.........

.... to be continued .....


December 14, 2007

New Tricks for an Old Dog

Mauigirl tagged me.

I already did my last tag. It was titled A Tag to End All Tags.

It's not that I don't like these fun "assignments", but it feels like homework. Now I got this voice in my head saying "They're not going to like you unless you do the tag", and another catatonic consciousness repeating "must do tag".

After I finish the tag, I'm always glad for the easy way to come up with a blog post. Even though I might say I dislike tags, I really like them, but I'm afraid of the commitment thing, so I try avoid them.

Make sense to you? Yeah, me neither.

I put it off for a week, and the voices keep getting louder. OKAY, DAMN it, I'll do it.

Here's the Tag: You must write about five classes you would like to take if you could make up your own curriculum. AND- and this is important, ONE of them must come from your tagger's list.

How to Watch George W. Bush Make a Speech Without Screaming at the Television:

Learn to how to channel your anger into more constructive reactions than throwing hammers and rocks at the Nationalistic Conservative Traitors of America when they make speeches that show this nation being led by the same people who idolize Homer and Bart Simpson.

Living in the South:

Topics: Eat Pork at every meal. Dressing in winter clothes when the temperatures hit the frigid 50's. Where to go to Church. The Art of Fried Food. Life without dentistry, vegetables, or higher education. Mobile Home real estate. Inter-Familial relationships. Banjo Playing. This isn't really a class, but a way to understand (and make fun of) southern life.

Dream Interpretation:

Are those recurring dreams nagging you? Are you frustrated with situations that have you dreaming you're trapped and wake up in a cold sweat? Learn to interpret your dreams, take control of the unconscious mind, and resolve unknown issues you don't realize are making you a mental wreck. Bonus: Lucid Dreaming: Learn to control your dreams.

Holiday Shopping 101:

Pick the perfect gift every time. The art of browsing stores for hours to come up with bad choices for those undecideds. How to tune out the ugly holiday decorations and awful music that usually make you want to bash your head against a brick wall. Learn to be cheerful, full of holiday spirit, and completely clueless about the evils of the holidays. End your craving for World Peace by becoming part of the problem that fuels the world's war machines. Become one of the constantly consuming masses which purchase tons of useless junk nobody wants.


Remember the days of old when Grandmother strapped a warm mustard pack to our congested chests when we had a cold? Or used a warmed tea bag to rid pink eye, a clove of garlic to stop an earache, or prepared a mixture of chaparral and olive oil as a cure for itchy skin? Herbs or medicinal plants have a long history in treating disease. In traditional Chinese medicine, for example, the written history of herbal medicine goes back over 2000 years and herbalists in the West have used “weeds” equally long to treat that which ails us. We are all familiar with the virtues of Garlic, Chamomile, Peppermint, Lavender, and other common herbs. Treat conditions naturally without all the toxic side effects of the pharmaceutical corporations drugs.

I will not tag anyone, unless you want me to, then consider yourself tagged.

If you'd like to participate, then jump in and join the fun. Clothing is optional.


December 12, 2007

Toddling Blogger

It's been two years today since I started these adventures in Bloggersville.

The First Post was a statement of my unclear motive behind these missives.

One year later and I still could not find a focus for my random rants and opinions. This has become an outlet for the voices screaming in my head about what's going on in the world.

Now after two years, I still do not have a clear purpose behind these posts, other than to record my thoughts and voices about the uncertainity that, for lack of a better term, is called life.

This is my therapy.

To all my fellow blogging buddies and kindred spirits I've met along the way:

I Toast you all. Blog On.

December 9, 2007


A holiday post from Fred over at Morning Martini reminded me of this old holiday song.

Snoopy's Christmas

I hope this season brings you Peace.

My Annual List of wishes:

World Peace.
World without Hunger.
A Healthy Earth.
A Poem or a Song.
More Diversity.
Clean Air.
Piece of Pumpkin Pie.
Acme Corporation Rocket Powered Running Shoes.
(Never mind, already bought them)

My life has no purpose, no direction, no aim, no meaning, and yet I'm Happy. I can't figure it out. What am I doing right? - Snoopy


December 7, 2007

Fruit of Knowledge

Some religious organizations are unhappy with The Golden Compass, it’s sad to see those, whose faith is weak, have a need to blame others for their lack of it.

Thanks to the controversy about The Golden Compass from these phony religious groups, more people will now want to see this movie, and read the books.

Their objections and protests only serve to increase the popularity of the entertainment they wish to ban.

I do my own research:

The story has nothing to do with atheism or “killing God”. The third book of the “His Dark Materials” trilogy is about revealing God, but that part of the story is NOT in The Golden Compass.

The author is agnostic and teaches others to use critical thinking skills when dealing with spiritual issues.

The books ARE about rejecting authoritarianism and the corruption of power. According to the Catholic Church, the story is "entirely in harmony with Catholic teaching."

In the story the “Magisterium” is used as a metaphor for the Catholic church. Magisterium is also the technical ecclesiastical term for the authority of the church.

The official response from the Catholic group who monitors how Catholic’s are portrayed in Hollywood gave this review about The Golden Compass:

From article on CNN:

The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops' Office for Film and Broadcasting gave the film, which is rated PG-13, a warm review. The film is not blatantly anti-Catholic but a "generalized rejection of authoritarianism," it said.

While noting the story's "spirit of rebellion and stark individualism," the office said Lyra and her allies' stand for free will in opposition to the coercive force of the Magisterium is "entirely in harmony with Catholic teaching."

Sister Rose Paccate, director of the Pauline Center of Media Studies in Culver City, California, said the books portray benevolence toward children and a God figure -- just one that's much different than the one Christians know.

She sees irony in calls to shun the film, considering that one of Pullman's central themes is that people should not follow orders and forfeit critical thought.

"If you just say 'no' to your kids without engaging in a conversation, they're going to see the movie anyway and all you're teaching them is power, not really teaching your values," Paccate said. "If we have faith, what are we afraid of?"

Donna Freitas, a visiting assistant professor of religion at Boston University, goes a step further, calling the books a "theological masterpiece." Pullman's intent aside, she views the trilogy as a treatise on Christian belief.

To Freitas, the series' mysterious "Dust" -- portrayed in the books as connected to original sin -- represents the Holy Spirit. Pullman is not attacking religion but those who use power to corrupt, she said.

U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops rates the film "intelligent and well-crafted entertainment."

But don’t take my word for it. Every person has a head on his shoulders to view and apply common sense to all the input coming in from the world. The more information a person has, the better decisions they can make. Do your own research, and don't believe everything you are told.

Just like religious bibles, these books are only stories, to deliver to the reader, a message, a lesson, or moral theme, from the view of the writer. It is up to the reader to internalize and understand the intended morals of the story, in their own way.

If you believe everything you read, it would be better if you didn't read.

If you can't tell the difference between fantasy and reality, it would be better if you didn't speak.

I will put this trilogy on my reading list, they have piqued my interest.

I wonder how much controversy Lois Lowry's The Giver will receive when it is made into a movie. It is in pre-production now and I have been anticipating it's release for awhile. It is also the first of a trilogy about an artificial society created to control people and keep them from knowing the truth about reality. Religious groups have also wished to ban those books, but many schools have put it on their "required" reading lists.


December 5, 2007

When Is Lunch? - Let's Go Out

continued from When Is Lunch? - The Next Meal

His mental health suffered a breakdown. His outlook for his life, and his family, become negative.

He felt like he was constantly working to improve his life, but loved ones in his life made comments he took as opposition to the things he now enjoyed. The person closest to him didn't share the same views anymore. He started spending more time alone.

His father's health deteriorated despite warnings from his doctors to change his habits and diet. His father aged very much in a short time, his health problems and later death did not surprise him. He didn't feel sadness, he felt relief. Later he felt guilt and shame that he couldn't shed a tear for only person from his childhood who showed love for him.

He became depressed. He wondered why he couldn't feel love anymore. It seemed people were being purposely contradictory towards him. His military career was coming to end. "Now what do I do?", he thought.

He wondered how old friends were doing. He started looking up old girlfriends. Even though they were military brats, scattered around the country, he found them. He wasn't confident enough to see them, for now he only wanted to connect with them, learn what their lifes were like. They were flattered, and assumed other intentions.

He started thinking about them too much ...........

to be continued ........

December 3, 2007


The only reason that some humans in the U.S. are labeled "illegal" is because we created those laws to make them illegal. We made them "illegal" in our stolen land.

They're illegal, so not only can we blame them and hate them for problems WE created, we also don't have to treat them fairly because they are not "citizens".

Aren't these humans also "endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness"?

What group will be the next one to blame after we "solved" the illegal immigration problem.

Hitler did the same thing with Jews.

Then Gays,
then Handicapped People,
then the mentally ill,
then dissentors and his political opposition.

He made those humans "illegal".

What will be our "Final Solution"?

Hanukkah begins at sundown tonight. There's only enough oil for one night.

Have some of these Jewish epicurean delights: Sufganiyot

Shalom Aleichem!


December 2, 2007


"I got somethin' to say, an' then I ain't gonna say no more........
- Mayella in To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee"

Don't think you'll get that lucky. I have lots to say about what I don't like, and what I think is wrong with the world.

The world really isn't changing that much, it is me. Once, I once had a more positive outlook, but time has wasted my mind, and made me more critical.

When I was in my twenties, with two small kids, I couldn't believe how much my parents and in-laws complained about my generation, the way the government is run, how the ways of the world are not to their liking anymore. I didn't share their views, and couldn't understand why they were so negative about everything, and constantly complained.

I swore that I'd never be like that.

It happened anyway. Getting older sucks!