December 30, 2005

The Hive

Okay, I hate to admit it, but sometimes I watch TV. OK I like docs and the news, and I channel surf until I'm bored out of my mind. In my channel surfing I have come across a channel called Style TV. More than a dozen times I have been caught up in this show where some ex-soap star and and a couple of other mindless barbies want to give someone a makeover. What the hell is this!!!!!!!! WARNING, RANT coming.

In this show they take good looking people who have thier own tastes and are content with their own style, and turn them into plastic faced, fashion industry slave whores. First they tell them that thier own style sucks, and that unless they become like every other glam queen on the street, they will be destined to live a life worse than hell. The last show, they made this very good looking girl trash her glasses. "but I can't see without them" she was crying. They said, it's better to be blind than ugly. Those freaking brain-dead style slaves, may their faces and bodies turn into Gollum's.

Putting on tons of making does not make you look pretty, it makes you look fake, untouchable, and hellish, take off the ugly makeup, put on some comfortable clothes, quit wearing shoes that you can't walk in and ruin your feet. And women with fake breasts, they are a turn-off. I like the small natural looking breasts, the fake ones just look unreal, like balloons. I can buy balloons at the store, I want real!. The intellilectual natural brunette is far more sexually appealling than dumb-blonde cheerleader looking airheads. I love geek-girls. And I'm not alone, most of the guys I hang with feel the same way.

WARNING, WARNING more ranting !!!!!

In the mall here, Parisian has a sub-store aimed at pre-teen girls called Libby Lu (or something like that). This store has a big window so that people walking by can see the whole store and that will draw more pre-teen girls into the store. What are they doing? They sit there and teach very young, innocent, pretty little girls how to make themselves look like prostitutes. I'm not kidding. They pile on tons of makeup and then do Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, trampy type photos and videos. In front of this window is a sitting area. Its not mothers or families in here waiting for their little girls, it's middle-aged men watching little girls getting whored up, and having "lolita" fantasies, and they will be having these fantasies in bed that night. Everytime I go to the mall I see this, because it is right by the main entrance. Doesn't anyone else notice. We go on and on about predators, but here they are creating them, titillating them, arousing them. Is anyone surprised when one of these lurkers that is not mentally well, gives into his perverted craving. Why are we trying to excite them, are they trying to get them to act out their fantasies. Why are we making innocent little girls into sluts by dressing them in sexually arousing clothes and makeovers when authorities have known for a long time that a lot of older middle-aged men are attracted to this type of image. Are you freaking crazy, to put your child in a dangerous situation like this. This is a form of child-abuse.

ohhh, its for the money. Morality in a capitalist culture is currency based. If it makes money, it must be moral.

December 25, 2005

Happy Capitalism Day

Our Lord's Most Holy Shopping Season adorned with decorated houses, pine trees, inflatable snowmen, electric reindeer, big-screen-TV's and socks hung over the fireplace is a time to reflect on these most spiritual customs of the capitalist society. I will consume, consume, consume........

(Excuse me ShriekingViolet for borrowing some of your words from yesterdays reply at The Slate)

"We satisfy our endless needs and justify our bloody deeds, in the name of destiny and the name of G-d" Don Henley - The Last Resort

December 24, 2005

He's coming to town

He's making a list
Checking it twice
Going to find out whose naughty or nice
Georgie Boy is checking you out

He knows when you are sleeping
He knows when your awake
He knows if you've been good or bad
So don't read the wrong book or practice any "Free Speech" stuff!, for goodness sake.....

No crying or pouting or thinking either, damn whining Liberals

Georgie Boy is checking you out

December 23, 2005

Blocking It Out

I don't feel like writing today............ So this is what you get.

December 21, 2005


(Warning: Being Bipolar, I'm pointing North today. Please excuse my pleasant mood today, It doesn't happen often.)

Warmth in the winter.
A cool place in the summer.
A break from work.
Distraction from boredom.
Sleep at night.
Breakfast at Dawn.
Company when lonely.
Privacy when there's none.
Sunshine on a cloudy day.
Shade from the hot sun.
A shave and a haircut (two bits).
A song.

I cannot be anyone other than who I am. To wish me to be different, is the same as rejecting me.

December 19, 2005

Welcome to Alabama

Being a transplant in Alabama, I look around me at the people here and praise Darwin that I was not raised here. It is a culture shock. Here are some of the things that leave me wondering if there is some freak of nature at work here:

1. It's Cold. People from Alabama start dressing in their winter clothes when the temp drops below 70 degress, at 60 the hat and gloves come out, at 50 they actually "warm-up" their cars when they go somewhere, at 40 the news starts talking about emergency shelters for those without heat, below freezing and it's the top news story. Spot a snowflake, and the impending blizzard is all the buzz at the office. The forecast of even a snow flurry causes every single person to take off work and visit the grocery store, whether they need something or not. Snow on the ground, even just a dusting, is an automatic snow day, then they get in their trucks and try to do doughnuts. The hazard here is not the possiblility of slick roads, it is all the people trying to see have fast they can drive thier four-wheel drives in the snow.

2. Driving on Sunday. There are more police out on a Sunday morning than during weekday rush hour. They are very busy directing after-church traffic than any other time of the week. And its good they are out there then, becuase being out on the street after-church on Sunday is very dangerous. I have seen more accidents at that time than any other time. There are people out on the roads that only drive to church on Sunday, they don't know where they are going, don't remember how to drive, or realize there are other people out on the road. They stop in the middle of the road for no reason, drive too slow, drift betweens lane, make u-turns over the medians, drive the wrong way or on the wrong side of the road, make left turns from the right lanes (and vice-versa).

3. Trucks. Men, driving real slow, in a great big trucks is a popular way to pass the time. If the truck is going the legal speed or faster, then it is most likely being driven by a women. Most of the people driving trucks and oversized SUV's in Alabama are women, and they can't park the thing, or even back out of a parking space without taking out a fender or two, but at least they can drive the trucks better then the men here. They say they love "sitting up high", makes them feel safer and superior, at least while they are at the wheel of their vanity vehicles.

4. Trying to Walk. I think Alabamians are taught that once they start driving, they are not allowed to walk. Once they start driving, they will drive everywhere, even across the street, or to the other side of a shopping center to go to another store. New businesses are built with no way for pedestrians to access the business, you have to drive. I have dozens of stores and restuarants in walking distance of my home, but no way to walk to them because of the way the roads were built. If you try to walk to these businesses, you will be putting your life at danger and drivers will honk and rage at you for doing such a stupid act.

When these Alabamians do have to walk, they walk at such a slow pace that it takes a whole day for them to do a circuit at the small local mall here. It isn't so much of a walk, as a waddle. They take 4 "waddles" to one of my steps. They are very comical to watch, but iratating when you have to walk behind them.

5. Meat. They have restaurants here that only serve meat. There are people here that think that meat is the only food group, everything is meat or a meat dish.

6. College. Believe it or not, there is an actually a rivalry between Auburn and Alabama. Not just football, but an "academic" rivalry, also. I'm not kidding. Really.

7. Wisdom and Health. They both are despised here, if you have one or both, don't let anyone know, you will be never be accepted here. Everyone needs to at least pretend ignorance or live an unhealthy lifestyle before anyone will talk to you.


Please forgive me for screwing up so much, but please allow me to continue until I've screwed up everything I possibly can. Don't worry about the legality of what I do , it doesn't apply.

Thank you and God Bless America (only America and nobody else!).

This is whats called BUSHit.

December 17, 2005

Thoughts from a non-thinker.

When the U.S. government uses secrecy to control the flow of information to our enemies, this is a fair and valid use of secrecy.

The U.S Leader of the Executive Branch of government should use secrecy to protect the citizens from threats against them, not to punish his opposition.

The current U.S. "Leader" should not be called President as this would disrespect the past leaders who have executed their duties lawfully.

This leader says that he is above the law and the constitution of the U.S., and his use of this unlawful action was justified. AND he controlled the media to prohibit the release of this information for a year, so now he is controlling the press.

He is becoming King of America. No wait, He's the "King of The World". Just ask him, he'll tell you so. What a phony!

Of course, the American Christians will praise him, and the Conservatives will keep kissing his "Ring". It is time for the end of his reign and and the return of a valid constitutional government in the U.S.

Where are the checks and balances? The U.S. does have a system to prosecute those who abuse their power, now would be a good time.


December 16, 2005


Do you have the ability to choose what you believe? If you can, please tell me how to do it. How can one believe that "G-D" is a magic being that can do anything, fulfill all your wishes and let you live forever if you just live in a cage while you're alive. Please help understand how the illogical can be rationalized to the point that people are willing to stop living so that this magic can be granted to them. I can believe in "G-D", but I can't force my mind to accept the popular illusion that people have of "G-D". They just don't understand that the true nature of the creator is more rational, natural, and easily understood than the theological mythology people "believe" today.

I know what it really is. It's not they all "believe", it's just the masses following the well worn path. People following others that have been blindly following irrational beliefs because everyone else is doing it.

Now, Lets all go to Wal-Mart, our newest false savior.

December 15, 2005

It isn't me

I'm a right handed leftie who believes -

I believe that someday a UFO will come to the earth and send us aliens that will teach us all their wisdom and technology and solve all our problems.

I believe that "G-D" will give us the Messiah and "G-D" will send us angels that will teach us about heaven and the afterlife and solve all our problems.

I believe this because I don't believe we can get together and do it ourselves.

In Other Words.......

The world is always going to have problems as long as we are infested here.
But I'm an Optimist.

Question of the day. Do you have the ability to choose what you believe?

December 13, 2005

New Day

Did that first post sound aggressive? It's not what I wanted.

I just want people, the American public in general, to have their own opinions. No one thinks for themselves anymore, they let the popular news media think for them. The news I hear today is mostly propaganda, from either the left or right. They might report the truth, but they embellish and leave out important facts to make it slanted in their favor.

Be real, look at the truth, use logic and common sense. Intelligence and wisdom is very unpopular in the USA. Dont follow the crowd, they are just following others who don't know where they are going. The "Road Less Traveled" is far more interesting and fulfilling. Don't let anyone constrain your ideas, or change your views.

Are you an individual, or just a small speck in bigger groups? Yes it is both, but what about you makes you an unique individual?

And in this season of overindulgence..... what makes it so difficult to understand what the true nature "God" is, why do we celebrate "God"with such an insultive behavior. Doesn't anybody have true faith.

December 12, 2005

First entry

Why? I don't know. Just because. Isn't that what everyone says when they want to do something but have no idea why. To feed my vanity. Get these ideas and opinions out of my head and into the ??????. Will it quiet the voices? Am I losing my mind? Did I ever have sanity? Is this reality?. One voice says no, the other laughs and says "why are you asking stupid questions, fool". I wish they would just be quiet so I could sleep.

If you don't like my opinions, that's fine. They are mine, not yours and you can't have them. Get your own.

If you do like my opinions, then you need to start thinking for yourself, quit letting the media control your mind.

Yes I'm a believer, but it's not what you believe.