February 1, 2006

George Walker Seagull

The current Leader of the Executive Branch of the American Government, Mr. Bush, has had the word "gullible" removed from the English langauge.

I will not insult former Presidents of the United States by referring to Mr. Bush by this title.

The fall of the U.S. has begun, and Mr. Bush has initiated it. Bush mocks his own country, belittles and insults his own citizens, and expects support for it. What f--king hole has his head been in for his life. Is he deaf, dumb and blind? It is a scary time for our country, maybe its time to become an expat. I have served this country for 25 years, and I'm extremely ashamed of what we have become.

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blank said...

It's not just your country. It's here in Canada too. Many people have lost sight of the things that matter in their rush to the big heaps of cash.

I like money too- but there are complementary issues I like to bear in mind when I make my expenditures. Will I choose that which is more costly yet of higher quality and more durable? Will I even be able to find such an alternative when more and more of our 'lifestyle' is catered to 'the lowest common denominator masses' in their lack of good taste and good reason?

I am sorry to say I blame the issue on irresponsible media conditioning and a sore lack of ethics in the manufacturing and distribution of goods in general.

It's what, in the end, it all boils down to.