May 4, 2006

Mo' Money, Mo' Money

Why is everyone complaining of gas prices? With a little intelligent planning, you could benefit from the high price of gas, instead of complaining. We have had a year of warning that the gas prices were going to rise and not return to the previously super cheap prices of the past 3 decades. I have four mutual funds that have all invested in oil companies, and these funds have done extremely well over the past two months, over 6% in just April alone. So I make several thousands of dollars, but I'm still spending less than $100 a month for gas (I drive a Honda). Stop complaining and take advantage of the prices, before it's too late. The oil companies answer to the stockholders first. Demand is high, supply is tight. Let the free market decide the price, even if some people take advantage of price-gouging. Its the American way.

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