September 19, 2007

You deserve a break today.........

The posting will be very light for the next month. Some of us like to keep busy, so we can fool people into believing we have some sort of life.

This weekend, and next, I will be running around the state finding new places to run and hike.

Next week I will be in a "Leadership Development" class. Scary, isn't it. To think I will be managing people (again). Danger Danger Will Robinson.

Then, the week after that I will be traveling to an exotic paradise to visit my daughter and grandaughters. If you guys behave, I will try to post pictures. As you guys can tell, I'm not into the whole pics and viddy thing, but I'm sure the daughter will take a picture or two.

Yes, I have been trying to pay attention to the news, but they are trying to distract us with that OJ crap. Who cares! Sally Fields and Kathy Griffin have just earned more respect from me. If you can offend, it's worth lots of free publicity. I will be thinking up lots of ways to offend people during my blog break.



Pam said...

Have a great break.

Sally & Kathy ROCK!!!

Cindra said...

Happy trails, most literally! Safe travels and forget the news for the time being...more crappy stuff will happen and wind up on the news before you get back from hugging your grandkids...

mad said...

Have a good time. Watch out for them gopher holes!

Anonymous said...

So who is Kathy Griffin? The news, I'd rather stay away from it.

Travelling.. now you're talking, now you have my attention. ;-) So will you be visiting your son-in-law or will you just ignore him? wink...

Nick in charge..that sounds pretty good to me... ;-)

Because of a comment that your daughter left, I know that you have done something right with your life.. so of course the smart woman will be taking picts and of course you'll just have to share them with us... so let's see, how's about a pict of you skinny's that?

Have fun and try not to forget about us!


P.S. I hope there won't be too much chicken shit..or pigeon shit for you to clean up when you get back... Maybe it'll be coming over to my blog in order to give you a little break... haahhahahaah

Blueberry said...

Kathy Griffin and Sally Field already have my respect.

Have a great time time out there and don't forget to share -- and I will NOT promise to behave. ;-)

Watch out for spiders, snakes and piranhas.