March 6, 2008

Ultra-Running Extremist

Meet Glen R. Turner.

He is more than just a runner, more than an ultra-runner.

He is a Journey Runner and Zzzoomer, averaging 46 miles a day.

He is running all the way across the U.S., then he will be running around the world.

Want to know more? Go to his website and check him out, and support him if you can.

Glen Turner Running & Zzzooming - Running Across America Blog

Thank you Carole, for bringing this to my attention, I will make sure I catch him as he comes through Montgomery. More links and articles about Glen can be found at Carole's blog


mad said...

I'm always fascinated by people who attempt these incredibly, um, time-consuming feats. Like the Tibetan guy who is (or was) riding his bicycle around the world.

angry ballerina said...

What happened to that guy anyhow?

azgoddess said...

he passed way north of me - but thanks for sharing this site - way cool

Anonymous said...

Hey, where are you?
It's Friday.
How's about a doggy special for ole time sake! ;-)
Pretty pluuuuuuease...

Have a great weekend!