March 29, 2008

Turn OFF

Thanks to azgoddess for reminding me to turn out the lights tonight.

Find something to do which can be done in the dark...... Dancing.

March 22, 2008

Running with Glen

I met up with Glen around Tallassee and ran around 4 miles with him. He was trying to go 100 miles today, which would take him well into Georgia. He did over 60 yesterday, and is feeling strong for his final push to Savannah. He is setting new records.

While we were running, Glen put his trip in perspective:
Dean Karnazes made headlines when he did 50 marathons (1300 miles) in 50 days (in all 50 states).

Glen will do almost a hundred marathons (> 2500) in less than 40 days.

We did a Podcast interview, before I turned around and he pushed on.

Keep on Zzzooming, Glen.....

Update: He made 101 miles on Saturday, and 80 on Sunday. Around 160 miles to go...

From Glen's website:
March 25, 2008 Update:
Glen has reached Tybee Island, GA and has successfully finished his journey! His total distance is 4,233 km in 37 days 1 hour and 18 minutes. Congratulations Glen!

4233 km = 2630.264 mi (or more than 101 marathons)

March 21, 2008

For Nancy: Dog Blogging Friday

Even your dog has a blog

Max The Golden Retriever

Update on Glen (from the previous post): He will be running through Montgomery this weekend, I hope to meet with him and maybe run some miles along side him.

I've been extremely busy with other distractions, little time left for blogging, but I still browse the blogs. See Ya round the blogosphere.......

March 6, 2008

Ultra-Running Extremist

Meet Glen R. Turner.

He is more than just a runner, more than an ultra-runner.

He is a Journey Runner and Zzzoomer, averaging 46 miles a day.

He is running all the way across the U.S., then he will be running around the world.

Want to know more? Go to his website and check him out, and support him if you can.

Glen Turner Running & Zzzooming - Running Across America Blog

Thank you Carole, for bringing this to my attention, I will make sure I catch him as he comes through Montgomery. More links and articles about Glen can be found at Carole's blog