July 12, 2009

On the Eight Day

Not much to tell. My weekend "long" run was a slow three miles (don't snicker) at the popular Shakespeare park near my home. I still have problems, but they don't seem to be as bad or last as long as they did back in June. Today I did a cross-training day at the gym with weights, elliptical sprints and slow two mile jog on a treadmill (too humid today to be outside). All seems to be well (I am knocking on wood). Other than that, today turned into a nice boring Sunday, and now it is threatening to rain, I will probably for a walk in it. Don't worry, I'll be wearing my special anti-lightning hat, it's worked every time (so far).

revolving planet
mixing air and swirling clouds
just another day


Allison said...

OMG I so want to see a picture of you in your anti-lightning hat!!!!

mad said...

I hope that hat isn't lined with, you know, aluminum foil.

Blueberry said...

We need to know more about this hat.

Mauigirl said...

Hi Nick! Saw your comment over at POP's and was happy to see you're back here again. Sorry you had an injury but hope you are well on your way to being back in the running, so to speak!

Paul said...

Just another day
In paradise,