March 13, 2010

Lucky Day?

Last weekend it felt like all the planets were aligning for me as I prepared for the Seaside Half-Marathon. The training was completed, I tapered as recommended the week before the race, the weather reports were positive, my mood was relaxed and I was mentally prepared. I was also finding pennies, heads-up, wherever I went the day before the race. The race seemed easy, painless and very well organized. Everything fell neatly fell into place to make a great weekend.

However, the karma of last weekend must have stayed in Destin, because I had no such "luck" for today's St Patty's Day "Lucky" 7K. This inaugural event was not very well organized. I won't go into detail, because Drew already posted a race report which covered most of my frustrations. Although I did a pre-race warmup, and a second warm-up on their 1 Mile race, I completely forgot my stretching routine. I had an excellent pace hitting the two mile mark, but the my right hamstring started cramping on me, and the last two miles were a struggle. I had hoped to stay with a cool kids, but Drew, Kym, Stephanie, and Amanda, all pulled away from as I faded to a limping trot on the last mile. I finished at a slower pace then the Half-Marathon last week. The delay of the race had made me anxious and brought bad fortune to this event. I have a history of doing poorly whenever races are delayed. Is this a mental problem?

I liked the rain, and being with my favorite running buddies, so the day wasn't a complete waste of time.

I will now take a few days off to let my hamstring heal. Really I will. Really.

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Drew said...

Hopefully some beer and Italian food will put that hammy back on the right track. :)