June 8, 2006

Besar mi asno

I understand and emphasize that learning English will only help you get ahead in the U.S. today. It is the langauge of business in the global economy and it is the language used to teach most higher education classes in the U.S.. Learning english will only benefit those wishing to do well in the U.S.
BUT to force immigrants to learn english is kind of, um, FACIST. The so-called executive leader of the U.S. (aka President Bush) doesn't command a useful knowledge of this language, can we send him to class before we make this idiotic decree.

Immigrants are coming to this country and landing jobs easily without needing to learn english. To get ahead in this country, to make their lives a bit easier, they could learn english and learn some technical skills. But if they are happy where they are at and with what they are doing, why should we force education on them. Let them be happy!

I'll never understand how the redneck republican culture thinks they are improving the U.S. by forcing their backward ideals on those that have not grown-up in their selfish, all-about-me, stay-stupid society. They like to talk about "Freedom" while they keep becoming more fascist, dictatorial, and authoritarian.

Crawling back in my hole..........


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