August 15, 2008


Recycled article cross-posted on Backroads:

Human nature is characterized by reason and tolerance. In a natural state all people are equal and independent, and as John Locke says "no one has a right to harm another's “life, health, liberty, or possessions.” " The last becoming the well-known "pursuit of happiness" guaranteed to all humans living in a just society.

With what is going on today in the in the U.S., we must remember that governmental check and balances and revolution is not only a constitutional right, but an obligation in some circumstances.

The nonsense going on with both political parties will continue until we demand and perhaps force change upon the system. These parties's, initially established to promote a set of represented ideals of our citizens, are now controlled by the money of special interest groups and have been scraping the original ideals and qualities on which they were built. These parties, in representing its member citizens, should be free of the influence of capitalism and religious groups.

Conservatism and Liberalism are the ideals these political parties are "supposed" to represent. Conservatism based on an approach to govern based on tradition and authority, and Liberalism being based on personal freedom and Progress. Usually, the Republicans have been identified as the conservative party, while the Democrats have taken a liberal approach, but we all know liberal Republicans and conservative Democrats (i.e. William Jefferson Clinton). The Liberal Republicans even claimed their own political party at one time. Of course if you go back to the origins of the Republican party, the were known as the Democratic-Republican Party at one time.

Most people don't consciously chose a side, it a reflection of their personality, in my opinion. I really don't have a choice in the direction of how believe people should be treated and governed, I use the wisdom evolution gave me and feelings of my spirit to guide me. I try to treat people the way I would like to be treated, however I've never been driven by the greed and materialism that seems to influence most people in the U.S. I've never been influenced by the promise of things, but rather by the progression of ideas. There is no right or wrong way to live, as long as you don't inhibit the rights and liberties of anyone else.

Personally, I have always leaned to the conservative side, but have a lot of viewpoints and opinions that most people would consider liberal.

I believe the best way to live is someone in middle ground of these two influences. I like tradition and routine, but believe that progress is as necessary to life as evolution. I like to have my personal liberties, but believe that some sort of government is required to limit the power, influence, and greed of those who take advantage of others.

It is best to try to balance these ideals, conservatism and liberalism, and not let one side have too much influence over the other. That is exactly what is currently happening in the U.S. It is time to balance these groups.

Thomas Jefferson was one of the most intelligent presidents the US has ever elected. In the present day, intelligent people stay far away from the nonsense of politics, but in his day it was actually an honorable profession.

That made me realize, that two of the basic founding philosophies promoted by the Republican party, in Jefferson's day, were sharp limits on the powers of the federal government, and the separation of church and state.

Look at them now. It is time to fire these imposters that have hijacked the Republican party and created a government which is beginning to give itself too much power and becoming controlled by the influence of the religious conservatives.


azgoddess said...

fire people not parties...

get rid of the jerks and keep the...wait, are there any left? smile

i like the randomness of these thoughts...

BBC said...

With the system of left and right we have, we are always seeking a balance. I prefer looking at left and right and seeking moderation without all the bullshit.

Can't do it within this system though. Have a great evening Nick.

BSB said...

To want to harm any being, either human or animal.. you simply have to be crazy out of your mind.. See my definitions..

mad said...

Hell, yeh, revolution now!

Angry Ballerina said...

Uhhhh huh..........You need to lay off the weed old man.