August 7, 2008

Friday Dogs in Bama Films Blogging

Home State Premiere, August 10, at the Capri Theatre in Montgomery. Tonya S. Holly and star of the film, Lily Matland Holly will be in attendance.

Inspired by a true story. With her faithful dog and pet rabbit in tow, young Lily Strickland (Lily Matland Holly) leaves her mother (Amy Redford) and grandparents (Diane Ladd and Lee Majors) behind to embark on a purposeful journey: to find where her father disappeared at sea years ago. But she also leaves behind her mother's new boyfriend, Dean (Richard Tyson), a man with a disturbingly dark side that only Lily has seen firsthand.

Filmed in Alabama, Award Winning Independent Film: When I Find the Ocean

For showtimes and ticket information, please visit:

The film is also already available on DVD and thru NetFlix.

Ok, so the customer reviews on NetFlix aren't so great, but most complain about it being a sappy family drama, and I like those kind of movies, so it won't stop me.

One reviewer states "The dog was the best actor and deserves an oscar". Well, yeah. duh! That is enough of an endorsement for me.



Shea said...

I agree
I am a beer
fan too.
I bet, that brett Farve likes beer

mad said...

That's pretty harsh when the dog is the best actor in a movie.

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