September 11, 2008

Baby Steps

I've been busy lately, running around the south, spending time with daughter and granddaughters who evacuated for Hurricane Gustav, then had to be driven back home last week. It was fun, but it wore me out.

Compared to the rest of Baton Rouge, the damage to their home was minimal. They got power back on Thursday, we drove back Friday afternoon. When we got to the house, the dogs had been in a kennel, inside the house for many hours, and were sick, and they made a horrible stinking mess. We had to get the dogs into the back yard, let them do their business, then carry them upstairs to get them washed, clean their kennels because they sleep in them, and clean the area where the mess was in the house and air out the stink from the house, while trying to keep two hungry tired toddlers happy. That was just Friday, after a long drive. Saturday my daughter cleaned out the fridge and I tried to go grocery shopping. The wait to get into Wal-Mart (YECCCHHHH) was 30 minutes, then an hour to check out. I decided to go to the Winn-Dixie down the road, but they were out of almost everything, so we could just get enough for a few days. We were lucky, they had Milk, Cold Cereal, Bread, and Lunch Meat and Sodas. My son-in-law has been busy working long hours until the power is fully restored. Plus, Grandpa niCk had to make time to play with the grandkids and bond with the puppies. I've been very busy.

Where they live there are many houses with no roofs, many trees that had demolished houses, trailers in pieces and flooding in many parts. They said the damage in area south of Baton Rouge was much worse than they saw with Katrina. Most people still have no power and won't have any for weeks. Many people are in public shelters. The noise of generators is everywhere, and every time you go to the gas station everybody is filling up several gas canisters for their generator. My Daughter's neighborhood lucked out because they were in a newer community without many big trees and I believe the power lines are underground, because I didn't see any lines on poles.

It going to take awhile for the area to recover, but little by little, without any more storms (Ike, you better stay away), everything will return to normal chaos.

Speaking of "Baby Steps", here is a video Running 101, from Jeff Galloway on how to start running.

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Allison said...

Thanks again for all for all your help Dad. It was nice to be able to stay with someone instead of being stuck in a hotel room with two little kids!

We definitely owe you.....(Pumpkin Pie!)