September 13, 2008

Shooting Star

I arose before sunrise this morning to get a run in before the sun and the heat of the day made the temperature intolerable. After a quick warm-up and stretch, I started out running in my middle-class suburban neighborhood. I was running eastbound with a very nice breeze keeping me cooled off, thinking it was too warm and too humid and wondering when the cooler temps will be here.

As I zoned off in my thoughts looking at the first gleams of sunlight on the eastern horizon, a shooting star painted a momentary sparkling streak across the sky just above the horizon. Sweet. I love unexpected reminders of the universe's love.

Then, I thought, hey, that was a falling star. Was I supposed to make a wish, or is that only for the first star you see at night? I couldn't remember. So, I wished for better memory. No, wait, I can't wish for something for myself. It has to be unselfish.

So I for wished for more wisdom for all life on the planet.

At the same time, people lives were in jeopardy in Houston as the planet tries to balance it's health with Hurricane Ike which will cause major damage to human lives and property. I also wished Ike's impact on the human world will be minimal.

I got back Monday from the area south of Baton Rouge that was hit hard by hurricane Gustav, which caused major damage, but seemed to go mostly unnoticed by the big media outlets. They are still picking up the pieces, and Ike is supposed to be far worse. I felt guilty leaving the area when they needed so much help, but I had to get back to work.

We are powerless from the forces of nature, which can be dazzling, as well as humbling.

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Mauigirl said...

And now another hurricane has battered seems as if it's one thing after another.

Is that picture of the actual falling star you saw? It's a beautiful photograph!

Religious Wacko said...

We are powerless from the forces of nature, which can be dazzling, as well as humbling.

It would help if they wasn't so stupid as to live in areas that nature needs.

As long as they insist on living on the coasts they will keep getting their butts kicked.

And I'm not feeling sorry for them anymore. The stupid monkeys, there are too many stupid monkeys on this planet

niCk (Mem Beth) said...

mauigirl - No, that's not it, but the one I saw looked just like that.

rw - Technically we are apes. Monkeys have tails. Every place has its good and bad points. Take the place where you live, people have to put up with your presence, but it is a very beautiful place. Ying-Yang

Nancy said...

"Charity is really self-interest masquerading under the form of altruism. There are two types of selfishness. The first type is the one where I give myself the pleasure of pleasing myself. That would be self-centeredness. The second is when I give myself the pleasure of pleasing others. That would be a more refined kind of selfishness. ;-)

The worst: when you do something good so that you won’t get a bad feeling. You’re making loving sacrifices but you’re grumbling. Outch!

A good is never so good as when you have no awareness that you’re doing good. “A saint is one until he or she knows it.”

Yeah,.. been reading "Awareness" by Anthony De Mello... I highly recommend it...

Well said my wise friend... ;0)


niCk (Mem Beth) said...

Nancy - :) - SO Glad to hear from you. Keep in touch, girl. How's life?

Nancy said...

Life is good... ;-)

The knee is getting there but the muscles need a whole lot of working on...

Still not back at work that's why I have lots of time to read stuff...

Always good to drop by and see what's going on ...

Take care...


mad said...

Well, I hope your wishes come true...even the memory one!