October 19, 2008


Today (Sunday) is one of those days where I seem to be in synch with the universe.

What makes a Perfect Day for a Freaky Running Dork?

4:00 AM; I'm out of bed. I can't sleep thinking the weather is SOOOOO nice for a long run before the sun comes up. The weather is in the Mid 40's with nice light breeze. Make myself a large cup of coffee, CLIF Bar for breakfast.

I check my email, browse the news and some blogs, make some "regular" breaks for nature. By 4:45 I'm out the door for to start my warm-up routine. As soon as I walk out, a shooting star streaks across my view of the sky. Thank you, universe, for letting me know how great today is going to be. By 5:00 I start my run. No one is out, no cars on the road except the guy delivering the morning paper, whom I pass over and over again.

After 8 miles, my long run is complete and I'm starving, so I cool down by running (literally) over to Starbuck's for one of their new Vivanno Chocolate Banana smoothies, with an espresso shot, and a tall Pike Road coffee. The light of the new day is just beginning to make its mark. The run felt great, and nagging pains never seem to appear when I run in cool, dry weather. The euphoria is wonderful.

I walk home crossing usually busy roads that are strangely vacant of any traffic, save an occasional trucker who, like myself, probably didn't get enough sleep.

The time is approaching 7:00 AM, the sun has finally lightened the world, it is a breezy cool 48 degrees. Even though I'm in shorts and a long sleeved running shirt, that's still a little damp around the neck, I see people dressed like they were in the Arctic; cap, gloves and heavy coat. It feels so comfortable to me, yet these people act like it's frigid. I'm glad I did not grow up in the south.

I surf the intertubes some more, flip channels on the mind control machine. Then I see the Breaking News headline about something I had already predicted would happen. Colin Powell, one of the few Republicans I respect, endorses Barack Obama for President. I can't wipe this huge grin off my face.

By 9:00 AM hunger pangs set in. I fix myself an English Muffin Egg sandwich. My version uses turkey instead of ham on a whole wheat muffin (occasionally I use whole wheat pita bread). I have a light beer spiked with half a shot of whiskey. I insert a DVD into player and watch my latest Netflix disc, "Forgetting Sarah Marshall". Mediocre romantic comedy set in Oahu. I like romantic comedies and movies filmed in location I've been. I liked the subplot of the lead guy writing a musical puppet version of "Dracula".

Okay, now I have a full stomach and a beer in me, watching a movie. I'm feeling very drowsy. It's nap time; time is 11:00 AM.

My afternoon naps are not usually very long, 20-30 minutes is enough to refresh me, but I think the long run, full stomach, beer, and euphoria effected me like a sleeping pill. I slept THREE hours. That's unheard for me.

I get up, do a quick check on e-mail and news, and head over to the bookstore for some more coffee and to browse books and read the latest running magazines. Then it's back to the house, start thinking about what to make for dinner, walk over to the store to buy some fresh vegetables.

Dinner consists of a Turkey sandwich, with Lettuce, Tomato, Onion, Spicy mustard, a few drops of red wine vinegar, and swiss cheese on fresh rye bread. I also have side of leftover black beans and rice which I freshen up with fresh tomatoes, onion, garlic and hot sauce. I steam some broccoli and yellow squash for a second side. Smithwick's Ale is my beverage of choice (Boddington's Pub Ale would have done nicely, also).

The euphoria just won't quit. The universe speaks to me again with a sunset which is a bright, beautiful, brilliant orange/blue masterpiece.

I'm going to end today by writing this post, take a hot bath, and read until I get drowsy again.

Perfect Day

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Nancy said...

It seems like a perfect day for me too!

Except for the beer and running!



mad said...

Beer with a shot of whiskey. No wonder you're drowsy.