October 2, 2008

September Ends, Please Don't Wake Me Up

Last month has been one to remember: Storms, evacuations, family, relatives, doctor appointments, travel, curtains shutting, stress, loneliness, failing economy.

Good Bad Happy Sad
Moments of Significance
Sun shines above clouds

It's life. It gets in the way of your plans. Life. Why can't we stick to the plan?

What's Next?

It's time for some Homeostasis and a Trail Run.

"Sing me to sleep,
Sing me to sleep,
I'm tired and I
I want to go to bed......"
- Asleep - The Smiths

Feeling "Infinite"?


Nancy said...

Yeah, who said that it was going to be an easy ride????

"We cannot change the cards we are dealt, just how we play the hand." Randy Pausch

How is the black dog, has he seen the light?


Mauigirl said...

I hear you...too much going on and time is going too fast. And soon it will be winter, my least favorite time of year. Oh well, spring will follow, right?

Mauigirl said...

Oh, and nice haiku!

Blueberry said...

Summer has been hard. I welcome this subtropical "winter" we have here. It may even rain this month. We've got extreme drought.

mad said...

What's next? Man, I'm afraid to ask.

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