November 21, 2008


Too much e-stuff, the stuff that is supposed to make our lives easier, is actually making life more complicated. Am I wrong?

I've worked in the Information Systems development and management for most of my career, and I see things getting so complicated and convoluted, they have the opposite effect of their intent.

If the implementation of an automated systems becomes a management and security nightmare, is it worth the effort?

I'm ready for a career change.


mad said...

Whatever happened to the paperless society? Seems to me all new technology did was make it easier to make more paperwork.

Global Domination Project said...

I felt like you a few years ago, that's why I left the 'industry' even though the pay was too good to be true.

There's too much information and too little wisdom and understanding. I long for a simple life and with all the crises going on in the world at present we may just slip back into the pre-industrial age!!! Welcome back horse and cart and small communities!!

Global Domination Project said...

Just thought this might make you smile - the UK National ID database -

We will have to pay for the 'privilege' of owning an ID card (in France it is free!) and if the records are incorrect we will be fined £1000. Already they have hit a snag - databases are worthless if the data is incorrect, and who do you think is going to get blamed for any mistakes?

I think it is the civic duty of every terrorist to ensure that their details are correct in every way so that we can catch their sorry asses!!

It's time to take my medication again . . .