November 30, 2008

Turkey, Chicken, Duck, Goose

I spent Thanksgiving with my daughter and her family. Besides running a local race in Baton Rouge on Thanksgiving Day and eating a traditional Turkey dinner, look what else we did:

Allison's Lily Tattoo

niCk's Chicken Tattoo

When we got back home and I showed my tattoo to my granddaughters, the four year old said it looked like a chicken.

Unfortunately, the time went by too fast and didn't get to play with the granddaughters as much as I hoped.

I think I owe them a game of Duck, Duck, Goose.



Casdok said...

The good times always fly by!
I love the lotus tattoo!

Allison said...

It's a lily dad!! Get it right!!! LOL!

niCk (Mem Beth) said...

casdok: Yes they do! BTW, I just learned it's a lily

Allison: What? It says Lily.

Hey, I knew it started with an "L", what do I look like, some flower expert. :D

Nancy said...

wow! I'm surprised you got a tatt..

Getting out of the box, are we? ;-)

Good for you...

I want one too but no can do...


mad said...

Better a chicken than a turkey, eh.