December 29, 2008

Yellow Squash Mystery

Every Sunday I go grocery shopping. I get the same things almost every time. I go through the produce department and get the same fruits and vegetables every week. The last two visits I distinctly remember selecting five or six yellow squash, putting them in a bag and placing them in my cart.

I finish shopping, get home and put away my groceries, and no yellow squash. This has happened two weeks in a row. Last week I thought it might of fell out of the bag, so I look in the car, nothing, so I figured they were left behind at the store. Then the same thing happened yesterday. WTF?

I pay for my groceries with a debit card and I keep the receipts. I check both receipts from yesterday and last week, no yellow squash listed. What is happening to my squash between the time I pick it out and the check-out?

Another odd thing I note; the items listed on the two receipt are almost identical, even the order of the items on the receipt.

I think I need to resolve to add a little variety and spontaneity to my life. HHMM, lets see let me put that on my calendar for a week from Wednesday. I'll try something new every Wednesday at 6:00 PM.

There, how's that for being impulsive.

Wait, maybe I better reschedule that for some other time, it's already starting to stress me out.


1 comment:

Nancy said...

Yellow squash thieves in Alabama??

Go back to the store...tell them about the mystery ... ;-)

I think it's a clerk at the grocery store who wants you... to go back....

Variety is good... lol but I'm set in my ways...