December 29, 2008

Yellow Squash Mystery

Every Sunday I go grocery shopping. I get the same things almost every time. I go through the produce department and get the same fruits and vegetables every week. The last two visits I distinctly remember selecting five or six yellow squash, putting them in a bag and placing them in my cart.

I finish shopping, get home and put away my groceries, and no yellow squash. This has happened two weeks in a row. Last week I thought it might of fell out of the bag, so I look in the car, nothing, so I figured they were left behind at the store. Then the same thing happened yesterday. WTF?

I pay for my groceries with a debit card and I keep the receipts. I check both receipts from yesterday and last week, no yellow squash listed. What is happening to my squash between the time I pick it out and the check-out?

Another odd thing I note; the items listed on the two receipt are almost identical, even the order of the items on the receipt.

I think I need to resolve to add a little variety and spontaneity to my life. HHMM, lets see let me put that on my calendar for a week from Wednesday. I'll try something new every Wednesday at 6:00 PM.

There, how's that for being impulsive.

Wait, maybe I better reschedule that for some other time, it's already starting to stress me out.


December 23, 2008

You Pulled your WHAT!?!

I'm injured!

This is depressing. I'm on-call, stuck in town with nothing to do. I can't even run. I have to stop for at least a week.

I don't know if I'll make through the week.

Freaky Dude, what is keeping you down?


Second Opinion

It only hurts when I run.


December 18, 2008

The Dog in the Hole

I know, I know. It's been a while since my last post.

I missed a post celebrating three years of blogging (December 12).

I haven't made a list of my seasonal wishes for non-gifts.

I haven't been barking about what's wrong with the world.

Where are my raves about my favorite pastime and addiction (Can you guess what I mean?)

I didn't even comment about the Iraqi Reporter, who insulted Dogs, while trying show his love for our current lame duck President's liberation of the reporter's country. The President claimed he wasn't insulted and thanked the man for his gift of shoes. I do give Bush kudos for his fast reflexes, the reporter would have hit the Busheye if he hadn't ducked.

There are good reasons for my lack of blogging; apathy, workload, other interests, more reading, and mostly because of positive changes coming our direction.

The country is undergoing a change, political and economical, and my rants about those issues will be useless at this point. The economy is collapsing, as I've been warning about for two years here, and the political landscape is being molded into something more to my liking. I hope the new administration can bring back the optimism and fiscal responsibility we had in the 1990's, but I think it's going to take a long time to rebuild, restore, and progress towards a more peaceful, more forgiving, less materialistic world.

Another issue that has been missing is my usual rants about this time of the year. Well, now if the country can change, then so can I. So I will make the most of celebrating the Winter Solstice this Sunday with a long run, a few beers (with chasers) and a feast.

Wait a minute, Freaky niCk, isn't that what you do every Sunday?

Yes, it sure is! The reasons we celebrate this season should be embraced all year long. Then we wouldn't need a special time for charity, good will, love, peace, and merriment, and leave this time of year for brightening up the long dark winter nights.

whispers in the night
fresh air whirls around my head
chase me to the source