September 16, 2009

Raindrops Keep Falling...

Today was another rainy day calling me out to play. A steady warm rain which fueled my urges.

"Go Run" a voice shouted in my head. "No", I said, I need to rest. "Just go slow, a nice easy one. Go out and enjoy it", the voice urged.

I gave in to the voices in my head. What a wonderful run it was, on my suburban running tracks. Almost idyllic.

I wasn't the only one enjoying this rain.

I pass a young military man dressed in the new style Battle Dress Uniform, crisp clean high and tight haircut. A blond baby girl with chubby cheeks asleep on his shoulder, her face turned out for the world to see, I think; "what a great picture that would make".

A half mile later I'm passed by a couple of giggling girls on a motorized scooter, the both wave, smile and yell "Hi" as they pass.

Later I turn into one of the newer sections of the neighborhood, and there is more kids out playing in the rain. Two girls, I see often when I'm out running on this street, are out splashing in a huge puddle, acting like they don't see me, but then just I pass, they turn towards me, bend down and scoop water up with their hands to splash on me. I give them a big smile letting them know I approve of their mischief.

I go by the lake and couple of teenagers are out fishing in one of the many ponds.

About a mile later I pass two older women out for a power walk, we exchange Hi's and "love this weather" salutations. I pass them again about mile later and they cheer me on like I'm in a race.

I finish the run in the park where I placed a bottle of water earlier. There is a graying black Labrador retriever playing tennis ball fetch with his owner.

Remember, all this happened in the rain.

Kindred spirits.


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Anonymous said...

My rainy day friend. You have taught me the beauty of rain.