October 5, 2009

Poor Pitiful Me

The training has been going well, however at much much slower pace than the last couple of years, as I don't want injure myself again. I keep my Battlefield Plan updated with my actual training and the number of weekly miles.

The abductor strain is still giving me problems and always feels tight. My physical therapist said it is because when the tendon heals, it becomes less elastic, something about the grain or muscle fibers healing differently from the way it was. She described a fix for that, but it sounded more painful than the injury, so I will just live with it.

Last week was supposed to be a step-down week for me, and then on to a nine mile long run this week. So I decided to combine my 5 mile long run last week, and the nine miler this week so I could use Montgomery Half-Marathon as one of my training runs.

The day after I signed up I got sick, was down for two and half days and couldn't keep any food in me. By Thursday night, I was severely dehydrated and my head felt like it was going to explode. I had been to the clinic twice with no improvement, the first time the antibiotic they gave me made me feel worse. On Friday morning and I was certain I wouldn't be able to make the half-marathon. All I wanted to do was sleep. I crawled out of bed about noon on Friday and was feeling better, but very weak. I was hungry, which is a great feeling, although my head was still felt like it was in a vice. I started with chicken rice soup and worked up from there to sandwiches, chips, veggies, and Clif Bars.

By Friday evening I was better yet, but still didn't think I could do the half-marathon. I went and picked up my race packet anyway. By Saturday morning, my stomach was still not quite right, but I went ahead and headed out for the race, still not sure if I'd run. With the excitement of the crowd, fellow runners, and running buddies all around me, I was pumped and ready to go. I finished in a respectable time, although slower than past halfers, I was happy to finish. I ran for the first ten miles, took about a half mile walk break, then running for the last 2.5 miles. The route was great, the weather was good, the only hard part was a hill going up towards the State capitol at mile 11. I finishing in 1:58:18.

The bug had forced me to take a three day break from running. I felt weaker than before any previous half-marathon, I hadn't been training to complete for this long of a race yet, and I wasn't able to load up on carbs in the days before the race, so, considering the circumstances, my finish time is not so bad.



mad said...

Dude, you're a running machine. Ever get a chance, check out Haruki Murakami's book What I talk About When I talk About Running. I think you'd like it.

Dr. Zaius said...

From your story ! can only deduce that all of this exercise is really very bad for you. I think that you should slow down a bit, and eat plenty of chocolate cake! ;o)