November 15, 2009

BattleField Report

Chickamauga Battlefield Half-Marathon. The plan was followed, although I strayed from the plans a few times, for the most part, the long runs, intervals run, and maintenance runs, paid off well.

At the beginning of the half-marathon I found two of my fellow runner friends who had about the same pace I wanted, I wanted to stick with them and come in close to their finish.

The unexpected cannon boomed for the start the race, giving me an extra shot of adrenaline I didn't need. As always the start in the pack was slow, too slow, I need to get going. I stuck behind my "pace" friends for about half a mile, but I needed to run, so I took advantage of a sharp turn and shot past them, thinking they'd catch up later on. I felt strong and I needed to go, but how long could this feeling last? I knew it would catch up to me and I'd have to slow down, but when? I reached that at mile 10, which I finished in under an 8 min/mile pace.

I finished the Half-Marathon with room to spare. With the problems I had been having for the past year, I had only wanted to meet last years Half-Marathon time, but finished with 3+ minutes faster than my best finish last year. My pace buddies? They came in a couple of minutes after me, so I never got that far ahead of them.

All things fell together harmoniously. The course was relatively flat, the weather was perfect (for running), and a great bunch of friends to share this experience. The friends, the great fall weather and the after race food (rice & beans and banana pudding) reminded me of the things I love about the south. Looking forward to the next one already.

Here is another perspective on this race: THE EXTRA MILE: Racing brings barriers to overcome, walls to break through

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Allison said...

Oh man, they had banana pudding! I may have ran that far for pudding!!!