July 23, 2010

MGM Half-Marathon Training - Week Two

Week Two - Montgomery Half-Marathon Training

I have been having some ankle issues. Ankle is very sore just above the heel, right side of left ankle, painful in the morning, and when I begin running, feels tight the rest of the day. It was feeling better by the end of the week after using some heel lifts in my shoes.

Day 1: Strengthen & Stretch Day - Circuit Training. - Leg Curls - Leg Extensions - Crunches - Back Extensions - Calf Lifts - Squats - Inner & Outer Thighs - Pull-ups - 121 Pushups (15 Minutes) - 1 Mile slow run before and after stretching

Day 2: Three miles + 1 Mile warmup.

Day 3: 30 min Temp run: A tempo run is defined as a run as close to your race pace as possible. If your goal is to finish the half at an 8:00 min pace, then your tempo run should be at that pace. It was a struggle today. 80* at 5:00 AM, super muggy and no breeze. It was supposed to be a tempo run, but I never found my tempo. Managed to keep an > 8 min pace for 3.5 miles, 26:15, but then had to slow down to a easy pace to finish up the run.Also did an easy 2.2 mile treadmill run in the evening to loosen up before a stretching session. It's too hot to run outside

Day 4: The 3 Miles scheduled extended a little due to my good mood. Hit the treadmill to escape the heat, incline set 1, A/C turned up, fan on high. I was feeling good, this was easy. I guess it's about time increase the incline.

Day 5: Today. “Rest”. Rest days are the hardest part of the training plan.The plan for the weekend:

Saturday – 6 Miles: Training runs for the Montgomery Half Marathon begin every Saturday at 7 A.M., at the Alley Bar, 166 Commerce Street. I will be there at 6:00 A.M, then hop on over to join my usual Saturday running group for some post-run coffee and fellowship.

Here is a link for information about the Saturday morning group runs, anyone is welcome: Saturday Morning Group Run.

Sunday – 4 miles: This weekend’s Sunday run will start between 5:00 and 5:30 AM in the Sturbridge neighborhood. If anyone would like to join me, meet me at corner of Sturbridge Drive and Plantation Crossing: (Tentative) Map

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