July 30, 2010

MGM Half-Marathon Training - Week Three

Week Three

I have been sticking to the Hal Higdon's Intermediate Training Plan, but adding in some extra miles on the shorter runs. Three miles seems too short on most days I'll be trading in this weeks 5K race for a 7 miler either Saturday or Sunday. The 5K will be next Saturday at the Woodstock 5K (30th Anniversary) in Anniston.

Saturday: Training runs for the Montgomery Half Marathon start every Saturday at 6 A.M., at the Alley Bar, 166 Commerce Street. Because of the heat, I will be there at 5:30 A.M, to avoid the sun. 5 - 7 miles planned. I'll then relax with the Saturday Shakespeare running group for some post-run coffee and fellowship.

Here is a link for information about the Saturday morning group runs, anyone is welcome: Saturday Morning Group Run.

Sunday: 4 - 5 miles. This weekend’s Sunday run will start between 5:00 and 5:30 AM in the Sturbridge neighborhood. If anyone would like to join me, meet me at corner of Sturbridge Drive and Plantation Crossing: (Tentative) Map

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