October 23, 2007

The Truth about Truth

Truth isn't black or white.

Wait a minute, yes it is. Something is either true or it's not. Right?

What about what we don't know, that which could be true. That is theory, not truth.

So truth IS black or white?

No, it is not that easy.

Let's say we have opposing views on a topical issue. It is quite possible that those opposing views are both based on truths, and both views are valid. Truths collide. There are many truths.

I can take many issues important to modern cultures, and find that both sides of any issue is based on truths, not theory.

In the next few blog posts I want to document my side of many issues. My views are based on the truths that have had greatest impact on my life, or my mind has tried to rationalize. I will try to accentuate the positive points over the negative. Some might think my side is over simplistic, but that simplicity is only the way I communicate these views, which have had much complication to arrive at this destination, at this point in time.

Opinions are dynamic. My views may be different than ones I had when I was younger, and as I grow older I will certainly change or redefine my stated position. This does not make me wishy-washy, or a flip-flopper. It means that I can learn and grow from my life experiences. It makes me human.



Anonymous said...

Well I don't think that "the truth" is black or white.. it's not as simple as being pregnant.. you just can't be a little preggers, right?

It's not like 1+1..... nobody can argue that.

The truth is more an opinion NOT a fact!

If you only knew the different truths about my conception & birth that are floating around in my family...enough to make anybody sick! Imagine, something that happened 41 years ago and some can't get over it still!

Respect is key... you don't have to think the way I do but I still deserve respect.

Hard for some to grasp that concept...

Go ahead, share YOUR truths with us and I will still respect you in the morning... wink!

Love you my friend!

Cin said...

Very well said. I just had a similar conversation with a friend recently. We have very opposing points of view on some real core issues for each of us. I look forward to reading more. You are on to something good, my friend!

Mary said...

Yes I agree. You are on to something here. Some great discussions to come.

Paul said...

If I say the sun is out now that is not the absolute truth, because in half of the world it is nighttime.

azgoddess said...

all except for a few truths are subjective - depending on your perspective on life...

undisputed for me is that god/creator is in all of us in the form of love...this is what all the great teachers were trying to show us...IMHO - we need to share this love but sometimes due to the injuries and blows that started being dealt us by people in our growing up years and beyond - we hide this love...and feel empty

peace my friend..and it is my wish that you find comfort...

Mauigirl said...

Good points. I always see more than one side to most "truths" myself. Should be some interesting posts and discussions.