October 22, 2007

New Kind of Bigotry

Your family is starving.

You have no land to grow your own food. You get by on scraps. There are no jobs in your area, the outlook is not good. Your kids get sick and you don't have any money for doctors or medicine. Your parents and your wife's family life isn't any better. You all live together in a small shack, because you cannot afford anything else.

You have heard stories of a place where food, money, and jobs are plentiful. You want to move, but the process for getting all your family approved for the move may take years. They are hungry and sick now. If only you could make some money to buy some food and to buy some land, you might be able to feed your family, everyone will be able to survive and be healthy.

There is place of plenty. They need you, they want you. People there are lined up for workers like you. What is stopping you? You are not allowed in until you have been "approved", otherwise you will be "illegal", but your family is hungry NOW! Some of your family may die if you don't do something, fast.

What do you do? What is the greater crime, breaking immigration rules or allowing your family to starve?

In the U.S., illegals are becoming the group receiving much of the blame for many of our troubles that we have created. I hope it doesn't come down to talk of a "solution" to this problem.

In a country that was created by immigration, it is disturbing to see how many of these U.S. non-natives want to make it harder for people to become citizens of our society of plenty.

We are:


Nationalism versus Humanity, isn't it. Why are we so proud?

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azgoddess said...

nice post...

to me the immigration issue has always been a smoke screen - diverting our attention from the real issues in this country...

big biz knows that they couldn't run their no-paying corps without immigrants...as the average american who's been here or awhile wouldn't work for peanuts...they need at least cashews...(shaking my head)

Pam said...

We really aren't that far from becoming Nazi Germany....

mad said...

The irony is, if all the illegals were shipped back home, then our economy would begin to collapse and WE would be the ones crossing into, say, Canada illegally to get food and medical attention etc.

Anonymous said...


There are good Americans out there... I can name a few... wink

I don't think you'll want to come over to Canadia. Don't forget that we were to blame for letting the terrorists drive by at the border on that fatal day and we all know what happened after that..

Nothing and nobody is perfect that's for sure.... we try to make the best of it with what we have or don't have.


niCk (Mem Beth) said...

az - Immigrants are the USA's Jews

pam - when will people realize that far -right conservatism spawned the Nazis.

mad - We need them. They are a convenient target of blame. When we get rid of them, who will we blame next? Bloggers?

nancy - I love the summers in Canadia, and your in a convenient location to place blame on many of the USA's trouble. We have a bumper sticker here that says "BLAME CANADA"

But I don't.


cindra said...

This is great. Thank you! Like I said in your next post that I read first, I had this debate with my lifelong friend and was so amazed at her point of view. I reminded her that we are not actually "American" and came from Europe to take over this land...etc. You know where I'm going. Anyway, I'm glad you are going where you are going with this. It's so important.

Paul said...

You forgot that we (Americans) are HUMAN with human foibles !!

Mauigirl said...

Very true words. I wish there were some way to help the immigrants who come here and prevent them from being exploited, and put them on the path to citizenship.