October 11, 2007

Back and Blue

I'm back.

The world ended yesterday, today is only a delusion. Depressing delusion.

My deluded world contains massive amounts of work which needs to be destroyed post haste. Luckily I still have all my destructo tools, but it might take me a few days to obliterate it.

Coming Real Soon: Friday

While I was away: The subject of this Jesus and Mo' comic actually happened in my neighborhood. This is why I'm scared of preachers, ministers and priests, but maybe that's why some people go to church. This wasn't an isolated incident.


Anonymous said...

Well it's about time! ;-)

We have been entertained while you were away... ;-)

You are loved my friend.. I'm jealous.. you must be much more special than I to continue getting visits from a wack job! hahaha

I guess beer church must be better.. hummmm I'm trying to remember where I've heard that expression before.. wink

Sitting on stool drooling away ... come to think of it.. yeah.. that sounds much better than a Sunday sermon! ;-)

So where are those picts???

Good to have you back, you have been greatly missed!

Love you!

cindra said...

Welcome back!

Those articles are icky. I read them earlier today.

I can't wait till you obliterate the work and post us some vaca pics of the lil' lovelies!

Mary said...

Wow. Nice long va-cay. Lucky. Welcome back. Sorry.