February 7, 2008

Dreaming Of Taos

My dreams last night were of this place, Taos, New Mexico.

I shouldn't be publicizing it. It is the most beautiful place I have ever seen, no matter the season. Brilliant Landscapes, Dazzling Sunsets, Mild Weather, sparsely populated, Amazing Summer Lightning Shows, people who nurture and respect the land.

It is not a paradise. It is rural, rough, hostile and not for ready typical pampered U.S. citizen. Besides, like The Eagles said "You call someplace paradise, kiss it goodbye"

This book about Taos, one of several nonfiction Taos books by John Nichols, author of The Sterile Cuckoo and The Milagro Beanfield War, is a memoir in words and pictures of his discovery and relocation to Taos. The pictures are wonderful, but don't even come close to showing the true beauty of this place, Taos.

When I lived in New Mexico, Taos was my favorite place to hike. Like the author, I would hate to see this place become the next place for rich east coast/west coast suburbanites and celebrities to ruin, like they ruined Sante Fe, New Mexico.

I plan to retire to Taos someday. Stay Away.


His other books I've enjoyed, or plan to enjoy:

The Sterile Cuckoo is different type of love story, and one of my favorites (the book version, not the movie, which changed the story), because I am much like the male protagonist, Jerry. The book ends as many of my dreams do, lost. I also liked the movie very much, except for the changed ending. Liza Minelli received an Oscar nomination for her role.

The Milagro Beanfield War captures the essence of New Mexico and her people, tells the battles of a small local farmer against corporate mega-farms. It is a quirky comedy that should be a classic and on school reading lists.

He has another book, The Wizard of Loneliness, which has also has a movie version. I've neither read the book nor seen the movie, but this sounds like the type of story I would enjoy.



Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

How sad is it that I ewad this as Dreaming of Tacos and I got hungry.

azgoddess said...

one of my fav authors - thanks for sharing

and taos is on my lit to visit soon...i promise i won't leave my trace behind when i do...

Kelly the dog said...

I loved Northern NM too! Lived four years in Los Alamos. I'm afraid Taos might already be going down the road you fear.

I invite you to participate in a game along the lines of this post. I know you dislike being tagged, so don't feel any pressure.