February 20, 2008

Why We Eat

The main purpose of eating is to maintain your health.

In the U.S. it is also a major source of entertainment and gratification. Since religionists identify other forms of self-gratification as immoral, they have created a culture in which this form of pleasure is wholesome and acceptable, when there are times when it isn't. My opinion is; in moderation, any form of contentment is healthy, and avoidence or obsession of these pleasures is ultimately destructive to our body's homeostasis.

There is a joy to eating, and science has learned to recreate the source of the stimulus, without providing the nutrition that real, whole food should provide. They do this by processing the food with salts, sugar, chemicals, and imitation flavors and ingredients. Your body will respond to this imbalance of nutrition from these artificial foods with cravings, which effects our moods, for the nutrients which is missing from the food.

We need to focus on real, whole, unprocessed foods in great variety and colors. If we would pay more for better, well-grown food, we'll benefit ourselves, our communities, and the environment at large.

A good source for nutrition information, and the ecology of food is Michael Pollan


Casdok said...

Great post, wise words which we sometime forget so thank you for the reminder.

mad said...

Food schmood. Wait till everything is genetically engineered. It's just around the corner. Down with Big AgriBiz!

Zenyth said...

this is an awesome post...your blog is great

Mauigirl said...

Excellent post. I aspire to eat all nature, unprocessed food. My laziness overwhelms my aspirations and I eat a lot of pizza and restaurant food! I've recently discovered Kashi frozen dinners, which at least are all natural, have high fiber and real grains in them, and taste darn good. I find that if I really don't have time or energy to cook, I at least feel healthy after eating one of these dinners.

Mauigirl said...

Um, "all natural," that was supposed to be.

azgoddess said...

i grow my own food and eat at local fawners markets..which i can ride my bike to...and i learned to make my own healthy french fries - grin!