January 10, 2006

An act of suburban terrorism

When I got home from the place I sit during the day, I found a horrible act of vandalism had been committed. At the apartments were I reside, there is (was) this huge beautiful green hedge that acts like a buffer between apartments and the streets and businesses. Landscapers came and completed destroyed this green buffer, cut it to just a few feet of the ground, and removed all green growth from the remaining branches.

This hedge was not only a pleasant buffer for the residents, but it contained the homes of many birds, protected us from the car exhaust coming from the busy street, and served as a security feature, as it was impossible to cross because it was so thick and tall, at least 15 feet, if not more. This was an evil act. No doubt some backcountry Alabamian landscaper had new power landscaping toys that can chop anything to nothing in just a few minutes. In my view, the value of these apartments has dropped significantly, and I cannot continue to stay there now that the valuable landscaping has been destroyed, and all that’s left is an ugly mess and offensive view.

But that is the American way! Replace beautiful nature views with cheap ulgy boxes, churches on every corner to scam you, repulsive strip malls, disgusting parking lots, and nasty wide streets for all these bloated Americans to drive in there bloated inefficient vehicles. It is possible to build real estate that is beautiful and does not destroy our environment. Look how many countries in Europe build there attractive villages and towns in concert with the environment. But that is too expensive for Americans, we need to make loads of money to by lots of “stuff” to stick in our cheap ugly boxes in our unwholesome neighborhoods

The current American state of mind: F--- the rest of the world, F--- the environment, F--- the future. Just give me what I want NOW. Nobody and nothing else matters except me and now. Take as much as I can for me, no matter how much destruction I create. That’s the American Way of Progress. The whole world is for us, F--- the rest of the world. Our current leadership in this country has made this perfectly clear. We are right, everyone else is wrong, the documents, ideals, doctrine that created this country does not apply anymore, fear controls our actions. We now live in a cage so we are safe from “them” and we are safe from “us”.

Yes, I'm American. Its repulsive to look at what America is becoming.

But, I do have good news. Only 15 days to Nickmas. Time to stop thinking.

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sadsack said...

tis indeed a sad sad world we live in.
not only America Nick, i vouch we have the WTF attitude all across the freaking planet.
in india it's an every day biz..this cutting trees and plastic boxes. they call it-development-
wider roads, more vehicles, better connectivity.
we are connected to phones, PCs and personalised gizmos.
(un)connected to nature and people.
i could go on but i am getting choked by all the smog around..so better home and wake up to hopefully a betta day.