January 1, 2006


I have a serious new addiction. Man, do I love to Blog Surf. I can sit here for hours and just read blogs all day, which is cutting into my time for my other wicked addiction of running. I schedule my day now so that I can have hours of just reading random blogs. Thanks to Blogger, they have a "Next Blog" button that just pulls up a random and recently updated blog, and I rarely have to contend with offensive spam, gambling or porn sites.

I used to be a news junkie and just read news, but the current state of the conservative nationalist government here just annoys me, so I trying to stay away from the news so I not yelling at my computer monitor so much.

I really need to start trying to have a focus for my blog, a purpose other than random rants and ramblings like 80 percent of blogs out there. Even though I like reading them.

Any ideas?

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