January 4, 2006

Time is running out.

Only 21 days until Nickmas. Are you ready?

Nothing much to write about today. Trying to stay away from the news, it stresses me out. Still no idea on where to focus the blog. Here are some ideas that I've rejected:

Make Money - no way, I make too much already
Running Journal - too serious, I want to keep my favorite pastime fun
FreeThinking Blog - too many already, same old wisdom that keeps getting recycled.

So far, blogging is still something I look forward to everyday, like when I used to be a coder. I want to keep it that way

Need something different. Need to learn how to design my own blogskin, so I can join the million other creative blogs in the blogosphere. Has anyone else noticed how many young girls and woman are among the bloggers out there, it must be around 80%, and some of the blogskins are very creative, did they do that on their own? I wonder.

Keep thinking, it's Nickmas season.

1 comment:

Allison said...

You make to much money eh?

Thats great! You can fund my new "hobby". I've gotten into scrapbooking and I'm making albums for the girls....and well it's getting quite expensive. I think if I spend anymore money Eric will kill me!!!!


I love blogs on random thoughts...it makes you think.....most people write about their lives...which to be honest I could careless about.

and stay anyway from the news it's evil... they only broadcast what they want us to hear not whats really out there. grrr....