January 24, 2006

Shiny Happy Person

Its Nickmas Eve. I hope you all aren't ready, I'm not. ....and that's a good thing....

Time heals all wounds, but sometimes some nasty looking scars are left in it's place! I have a bitter attitude, I'm not able to have a friendly relationships, or anything more serious, with anyone, not even the cat the greets me when I come home everyday, it's not my cat! Now I just want to be left alone so I can live in my cage and keep out the ghouls that want me as their personal savior. Well WHO is my savior. It's no one, I can't be saved, I'm past that point of naiveté. There is me and my life, and I have already saved myself, that's all I need or want anymore. I've learned that people don't want you as you are, they want you as they want you to be, thus rejecting who you are. In short, if you don't become what they want you to be, your not good enough for them. Well F--- that.

I'm getting older, and I'm not happy about it! So when I bang on your car because your driving too close to me while I run, don't get upset. It's YOU it's not me. I'm just trying to live. I don't want to talk about it, so just do your cussing, while I flip you off, then drive away.

in other words..... can I get you another beer?


1 comment:

blank said...

LOL! You scared me! I don't drink beer. :( (Stop it- I am starting to sound like sponge bob!) rotfl! What do you intend to do with me once I have been reduced to a cooing infant? rotfl!

YOU are a Devil.