January 19, 2007

Dalmation Release

Less than one week left to ignore shopping, stop thinking, hold your nose, and celebrate the new spots that keep appearing on me.

Am I becoming a Dalmation?

It would make sense. I was released into the world on the same day of this Disney classic.

The niCkation is coming, praise Dog.

I wish I had more time to write, but I've been extremely busy between work and preparing for a half-marathon this weekend. I hope to get a few good posts in next week, at least one for niCkmas. Then it's off for the 5 mile "Hog Wild" Dothan trail (mud) run next weekend.

Life is Good, when the endorphines are flowing.


azgoddess said...

nice pictures....and huh - just can't picture you as one of these dogs...smile

enjoy life and let the endorphines flow...i'm going out to dance for the same reason tonight!!

Pam said...

Have fun with that half-marathon.

Personally, I don't run unless I'm being chased ;-). Maybe I'm missing out on some good endorphins though...hmmmm.

Blueberry said...

Hell and Dalmations! Watch out for those spots! If my cat Alex is any indication, they'll make you nuts... or make other people nuts. Have a Merry niCkmas!

BBC said...

Ignore shopping?

What shopping?

Hell, I ignore all shopping unless I need something.

My pussy's can whip your dogs butt.

He, he, he.

Evil Spock said...

1/2 marathon, 13 miles, right? Good luck!

BBC said...

"I wish I had more time to write, but I've been extremely busy between work and preparing for a half-marathon this weekend."

Oh sure, pretend that you have a life. LOL

pissed off patricia said...

Good luck with the run. Hope the weather is as nice there as it is here.

My grandfather used to say, if something was truly cute, it was as "pretty as a little spotted pup". This was way before disney's little spotted pups.

supergirlest said...

run, run, run like the wind!!!! my motto is, "run only when chased" - running is notoriously murder on my my knees! :)

i heart dalmations.

BBC said...

Dogs may not be all that dumb. After all, you don't see them stopping to pick up people poop.

Anonymous said...

Life is Good... ditto on that one!

I'm sure you enjoyed the run.. ;-)and will enjoy the one next weekend!

I have a bad knee so forget about marathons for me.. ;-) I could sit and watch though... ;-) or better follow you on my bike..that would be a plan... ;-)

Dalmatians are cute but apparently not esay to handly... quite hyper and excited.. you have to be careful when you decide to get a certain breed of dog. People should always know what they are getting into.

Before getting Honey, I wanted a Westie. After reading about them, I realized that this was not a breed that would go with my personality... ;-)

OK.. I'm rambling.. talk to you later my friend...