January 8, 2007

Illogical Lack of Reason

I have been reading, with much disbelief, the chatter about Congressman Keith Ellison.

Here we are, the United States of America, with the greatest Constitution in the history of the world. The U.S. Constitution guarantees Religious Liberty, yet some in congress wanted to force Ellison to swear in using the Christian bible, instead of the bible from his own Islamic faith, the Qur'an.

If "We The People" don't follow the ideals expressed in the Constitution, than we are hypocrites.

So, "We The People" have a document outlining how we want our nation to be governed, a moral and ethical pledge, but don't want to extend those civil liberties and human rights to the people who govern us.

What's surprising is one of the most vocal critics, Dennis Prager, is Jewish. I have to add that he is one of those neo-con (neo-idiot?) nationalists. He is on the United States Holocaust Memorial Council. Though Prager is an activist and advocate for conservative causes and a partisan of the conservative Republican party, he sometimes labels himself as "passionate centrist" or a "JFK liberal", depending on his audience.

"I was appointed to the (board) because of a lifetime devoted to combating anti-Semitism and every other form of discrimination," said Prager.

"My entire effort in the Keith Ellison matter has been to draw attention to the need to acknowledge the Bible as the basis of America's moral values," he added. "Judeo-Christian values are the greatest single protection against another Holocaust."

Combating Discrimination? It looks like he's promoting discrimination to me. What a incredibly huge hypocrite. This kind of bigotry is the same Hitler used to begin the Holocaust. Prager is spreading the same kind of intolerance and blame that Hitler used to rid Germany of people of his Prager's faith, as well as political opposition, dissidents, gays, cripples, gypsies, those with mental problems, and so on. He blames Muslims and Ellison for bringing terrorism to the our government, calling him a "Congressman for Terrorism".

The problem isn't any one religion, but the conservative intolerant view of a religion.

We need a government free from the influences and abuses of religion. Our Constitution was created for this reason, to keep religious influence out of government. Not to keep religion out of government, but the freedom to accept or deny beliefs without being the target of discriminated. If the Christian bible is the moral basis of American values, then we would be in a dire state of depravity.

In this instance, constitutional wisdom prevailed. Ellison was sworn in with other House members on the House floor and at a ceremonial, photo-opportunity swearing-in with Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Ironically, he chose to use a Qur'an once owned by Thomas Jefferson instead of the traditional Christian bible.

Maybe it is time to change. We need to start swearing in new Senators, Congressmen, Presidents, etc., using the U.S. Constitution. It is a document that is much less repulsive than religious bibles.

When Leader Dearest was sworn in, did he swear to uphold and defend the U.S. Constitution? Yet another of his thousands of failures.

The simple minded
And the uninformed
Can be easily led astray
And those that cannot connect the dots
Hey look the other way
People believe what they want to believe
When it makes no sense at all

- John Mellencamp, "Walk Tall"


BSB said...

Good morning Nick,

Interesting post and got me wondering how we do it here in Canada?? hummmm not too sure.

I can tell you that religion is out of the public schools.. before used to be Catholic School Boards or Protestant...

Religion is no longer practiced in our school system. Although, I teach at a private school and we have kept the Catholic tradition because nuns started the school over 50 years ago. However, I can honestly say that it's not because it's been thought in school that people in Qu├ębec practice more..they don't....

I do know that our new Prime Minister is quite chummy with your President and is against abortion and has clearly made a stand on this topic... he is quite religiously oriented but I can't comment more about it...

Have a great day!

I hope your received my email thank you card.... ;-)


azgoddess said...

wow - thanks for the update...just when you think it can't get any worse...

BBC said...

The whole idea of swearing in on any book should just be tossed out. Unless it's a Playboy or Betty Crocker cook book.

I haven't seen a Playboy for over 20 years but I'm sure I wouldn't mind swearing into office with my hand on one.

If holding an office requires swearing in on a bible or Qur'an I'm screwed because I would refuse both.

pissed off patricia said...

This man, not ellison, is insane. Some people will do anything, no matter how crazy it is, to get the spotlight on themselves. He appears to be one of those.

Evil Spock said...

Great post, right until you put Bloomington's favorite son at the bottom.

Baba Ganoush said...

Can't believe this is my first time here - with as much as I see you in other places.

Good post! It sounds like, utimately, the right decision was made. Maybe someday, we'll just get to the point where the right decisions are made quicker and without as much opposition.

Oh Yeah. Sorry Mr. Spock. John Mellencamp is not from Bloomington. You may have a home there, but he is actually from Seymour, IN. You'll have to keep your hometown shoutouts to Rex Grossman and Jared Jefferies.

Pam said...

We need to start swearing in new Senators, Congressmen, Presidents, etc., using the U.S. Constitution. It is a document that is much less repulsive than religious bibles.

ABSOLUTELY!! I have been saying this for years. The bible (or ANY religious text) has NO PLACE in our government on ANY level.

Separation of church and state, people. Amen.