August 31, 2007

The Trouble with Trouble

Trouble has money, and money is trouble.

Here's the story of another rich, pampered celebrity who think they are above the law, and entertain themselves by taking advantage of creatures outside of their own species.

Fresh off the Skewed Presses:

Trouble, the dog of Leona Helmsley, has been arrest for illegal football betting.

The now realized dead Helmsley left her beloved white ("companion") a $12 million trust fund, according to her will, which was made public Tuesday in surrogate court.

Associates of Trouble have come forward accusing the dog of squandering away the newly acquired riches betting on preseason football.

Trouble has reached a plea agreement with authorities.

During his press conference in, Trouble sounded like a dog who was truly sorry for what he did. He used the words "ashamed," "immature" and "forgiveness." He says he's found Jesus.

"Jesus has a doggie heaven right?" he yelped. "I am not spinning my wheels here am I?"

No one knows yet if the sudden adoption of religion will make things easier on the pampered pooch.

"I mean, if you asked me. I would bet all dogs go…ah [expletive]." Trouble added. "I didn't mean bet. Bad dog!"



Marie Warner said...


Marie Warner said...

Oh yeah - ^^^^ is also known as Pam/working mom.

mad said...

But at least Trouble didn't engage in dog fighting!

Anonymous said...

That lady is my hero.. hahahaha

The dog is adorable! I wonder who will care for him.

You know me.... it's the lady's money... how ever she acquired it..up to her to do what the hell she wants with it! lol Funny...

People are nuts! ahahahhaha

Love you my friend.. have a great weekend... xoxoxoxoxoxox

RG said...

Rich bitch.

The NY Times has a link to a pdf of the will. She couldn't stop being mean even from the grave.

jewgirl said...

that is hysterical. my favorite line was "white companion".

Blueberry said...

I'm surprised that all the "fathers of Anna Nicole's baby" aren't falling over themselves to become Trouble's dogsitter.

BBC said...
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