August 21, 2007


What are you doing here?

I have a nasty case of apathy, stay away before you catch it, or you can stay and read the archives, do whatever you want.

Don't forget to Vote for niCk. You should recast your vote everyday to make sure your opinion is counted. It probably won't help me win, but you're sure to find more passionate bloggers than this old dog.

Vote For niCk. There's a chance it will cure me, but I doubt it.



angry ballerina said...

Nice pic slick, and I am voting for you. Over and over and over.

Anonymous said...

Another great pict!

Oprah has white goldens. I had never seen any before. One of them passed on the same day I had Lush put down. Needlesss to say that sent me into one of my crying sprees....

She had a trainer one that said that we should tret our pets like family members and just train them to get over their bad manners.. ;-)

My kind of people...

I voted again today... ;-)

So what is stopping from attentend the Terry Fox Run here in Canada?

As usual, I'm off topic! ha!


Anonymous said...

Does it show that I'm trying to get used to the keyboard on my laptop?


Yeah... spoling myself once again... hahahahaahah

I'm going straight to atheist hell..wink

Pam said...

I voted for you twice. Will go vote again right now!

Nancy - you come to your senses and got your blog back yet?

Mary said...

I voted!

azgoddess said...

i voted 2! thanks 4 the kind words...

Anonymous said...

aahhh Nick.. how lucky are you! lol

I guess you're unforgettable!


P.S. Be patient, I'm sure FAB will be showing a little bit more ... lol

LOVE YA! ;-)