August 30, 2007

Wake Me Up When Yom Kippur Comes

My posting as been a little sporadic lately, did anyone notice?

I vow September will be different.

So niCk, tell us about the "life" you've been having which has kept you from entertaining us with your stories from Dorkville.

Life, HA, I still have no life. Work has been busy, volunteering at various civic functions, trying to stay in shape so I can make a decent showing at my races.

Perhaps greatest threats to my blog posting routine is my after-work lassitude, cynicism of the corrupt U.S. government, disinterest in our society's distractions, and knowing few want to take the path of righteousness if it means any self-sacrifice. Why am wasting my breath?

Have no fear, we will soon be entering the season of greed, pride, gluttony and vanity. It comes sooner every year, and it always gives me much to rant about. This year I expect the stores to start rolling out the "evils of Christian hypocrisy" decorations soon after the tenth day of the Hebrew month of Tishri.

Stay Tuned......... Don't forget to Vote for niCk.



Anonymous said...

Good to have you back!

We've missed your rants! lol

Well once again, I won't be going into the rat race of the stores...

Will be selfish and get away.. simply can't be bothered because we know it has absolutely nothing to do with peace of earth and goodwill to mankind...

Leave me alone is my motto... while spoiling myself on a beach somewhere in central america.. I'll be helping the economy down there... wink

Yeah.. I'm still a mean-selfish bitch who only thinks of herself while the rest of the world is starving... And there is the other part who'll be putting themselves in debt to buy presents ... but at least they have a family to spend the holidays with...

Life is good!

Love you my friend... wink

Dr. Zaius said...

Listen, Pollyanna, you can't just go through life wearing rose=colored glasses you know. You have to take life seriously. ;o)

Anonymous said...

Pollyanna... lol

I like that... hahahahaha ;-)

Maybe cause I just had a few glasses of wine.. wink