December 31, 2007

Just Another Day

Like Hell it is!

Today I will celebrate my two favorite addictions in a two day sleep-deprived drunken runfest.

It starts at 2 this afternoon, with a 5 Mile run on the Chief Ladiga Trail in Jacksonville, Alabama. That is the only serious race which I will be keeping track of my results. After a brief rehydration party, I will make my way over to Birmingham for a private New Years Eve run and party, with plenty of rehydration concoctions, and carbohydrate replenishment snacks. Then I will try to make my way back to Montgomery for a 10 AM New Years Day 5K Chili Run put on by our local club.

Running is a great way to avoid hangovers, as is keeping yourself hydrated with plenty of Guinness. I'm anemic, and Guinness is a brew with a high iron content, and it is very hearty drink, just the ticket for athletic wanna-bees who are looking for high calorie run recovery product. I only drink it for my health.

If you don't hear from me for a while, it means I couldn't find anyone to post bail, or I've become road kill on some suburban cul-de-sac. Don't worry, someone will take care of me when the smell gets too unpleasant.

If I survive, I'll be updating you with my stories of the drunk running dork and his adventures of the next two days.

Have a Safe and Happy New Year. Well, at least be happy, and stay out of the way!



Casdok said...

Happy running and a happy new year!

Cindrarella said...

Happy New Year! Call if you need bail. Or if you wake up in a strange bed. Well, unless that's a good thing. Then don't call me, just enjoy it.

Mauigirl said...

Happy New Year! Remember the old Guinness motto: Guinness is Good For You - Gives you Strength! (We have a reproduction of one of their old signs hanging in our "bar" at home). Hope you had a great time. Best wishes for 2008!

niCk (Mem Beth) said...

casdok - Thanks. I wish you a peaceful New Year.

cindra - Waking up in ANY bed would of been better than the exhaustion of trying to stay awake and socialize for two days. I didn't make the last run here in Monty, I was just too wiped out, I went home and crashed.

Maui - Guinness! Yes, it's health food. In Ireland, at one time they'd give you a Guinness after giving blood.