December 18, 2007

When Is Lunch? - You Make It

The continuing mediocrity of a some nameless man. Continued from:
When Is Lunch?
When Is Lunch? - The Next Meal
When Is Lunch? - Let's Go Out

He had contacted and reconnected with girlfriends from his youth. He started thinking about them too much.

He liked learning about them and what their lives had been like. For the time being, all he wanted, was someone to write, someone who was more anonymous then his current circle of friends, but yet knew him. He needed to tell someone about what was going on in his life and in his head. Someone who was distant, but close.

He dark mood seem to lift as he talked to these past friends, but as he compared his life to theirs, he was embarrassed to tell them he had it so good for a long time. Here he was, with such a good life, and becoming depressed and miserable, when so many others have not had such luck.

Sometimes, you have to know a little misery to know how good you really have it.

He started thinking about one of these friends too much, and received messages and calls stating she was thinking about him all the time. He wanted to see her. His only intention was friendship, but his mind did wonder about "what if". He didn't think it was possible to change his life from what it was now, and he wasn't ready to think about that or change his life. The thing he wanted most was to keep in touch with old friends.

With the approval of his wife, he planned to trip to see her.........

.... to be continued .....



mad said...

That's a very liberal wife!

Pam said...

Interesting story you have going on here. I'm guessing autobiographical...????

Mauigirl said...

Very interesting indeed. This is like following one of those old magazine serials they used to have in the old days.

niCk (Mem Beth) said...

mad - Actually, she was very conservative, but very trusting. She was also a bit tired off his depression.

Pam - It's someone I know very well.

mauigirl - Old days! I know all about those.

Nancy said...

Well I would say that your wife was pretty open and understanding...

I would have said "sure go, but please don t come back to me if you realize that she s not what you expected"

Unfortunately, I don t take rejection very well.. especially from men...

Interesting story..

Now we ll be expecting the DETAILS of what happened on the trip..

and I mean..all the sorted DETAILS... wink


P.S. So how are those fantasies going? You gotta laugh at the stuff we read in the comments... right on the fantasy..wrong on the person.... lol

niCk (Mem Beth) said...

Nancy - The fantasies are just fine! They will continue to be good as long as they NEVER come true.

He made a fantasy come true once. They are the best and worse things that have ever happened to him. They are the details behind this story. He will never act so impulsive again.

Peace and Hugs

Nancy said...

Yeah.. to think HE knows it all... wink... if he only knew the truth about that fantasy of yours... smile

Why not go for it.. you have absolutely nothing to lose by it.. only enjoyment....

Surprise her.. wink