December 21, 2007

Twelve Twenty One

Only few days left before we celebrate how much Capitalism means to the U.S.A.

There's a "War" on it. Well, you can talk about there being a "reason" for this holiday, but few actually show it. They say actions speak louder than words, well show me what it means to you, quit just talking about it.

In my honest, humble, freaky opinion:

It should be a universal holiday to celebrate the beginning of life (the birth of a child) who is a child of a higher power (aren't we ALL). Conceiving a baby is the only way to keep human life on this planet, so it should be treated as a high honor. It doesn't matter if it is an poor unwed mother, teenagers discovering the beauty of human intimacy, or soul conceived in a relationship betrayal. It is a honor, and those receiving this honor should be placed on pedestal, there is no shame in any pregnancy.

Those not wishing to receive this honor or the responsibility it carries, should not be forced into receiving it by the judgements of others. It is intensely personal, just like spiritual beliefs, and cannot be applied uniformly to a species with very diverse lives and personalities.

Birth control and safe legal abortion must remain available to ensure the humans have the education and means necessary to make this life long decision, and to honor the sanctity of life. Those decisions must be made with logic and reason, not state or church control. The metaphoric "God" is in control of all our actions, and whatever the result, it is "His" decision.

That way we can have a holiday to honor the birth of a child for the "miracle" it is, the creation of life by a higher power in which we are the instruments of its actions.



angry ballerina said...

I am not offended by this post, in fact, it makes me smile.
I know this sounds a bit feminist, but it's refreshing to see a mans point of view on the whole topic. Since women tend to be the most vocal about things like this, the other party, which is just as important, tends to get drowned out.
Good one.

Cindrarella said...

We dirt worshipping pagans need to rally together and create that holiday. Good call!

mad said...

Hey, merry Christmas to you too!

Kelly the dog said...

Merry Christmas to you too.

By the way would you like to participate in a Xmas Meme

Mauigirl said...

Nick, very good thought. I like the idea and agree with the sentiments. As someone who hasn't had a child by choice, I admire those who have the stamina for it and am grateful to them!

niCk (Mem Beth) said...

angry - Many men have a different view, and blame Christianity for it. It is just an excuse for domination.

cindra - Dirt is the material of life. It's where life comes from and where it returns. We should honor it more.

mad - Mahalo

Kelly - Well, ok, if it's a meme and not a tag, I guess I can play along..... Happy Holidays

Mauigirl - We are all different, we must do what is right for us, and should not let a society or culture influence us to make bad decisions that have a life-long consequences. Life is too short.