December 17, 2005

Thoughts from a non-thinker.

When the U.S. government uses secrecy to control the flow of information to our enemies, this is a fair and valid use of secrecy.

The U.S Leader of the Executive Branch of government should use secrecy to protect the citizens from threats against them, not to punish his opposition.

The current U.S. "Leader" should not be called President as this would disrespect the past leaders who have executed their duties lawfully.

This leader says that he is above the law and the constitution of the U.S., and his use of this unlawful action was justified. AND he controlled the media to prohibit the release of this information for a year, so now he is controlling the press.

He is becoming King of America. No wait, He's the "King of The World". Just ask him, he'll tell you so. What a phony!

Of course, the American Christians will praise him, and the Conservatives will keep kissing his "Ring". It is time for the end of his reign and and the return of a valid constitutional government in the U.S.

Where are the checks and balances? The U.S. does have a system to prosecute those who abuse their power, now would be a good time.


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