December 13, 2005

New Day

Did that first post sound aggressive? It's not what I wanted.

I just want people, the American public in general, to have their own opinions. No one thinks for themselves anymore, they let the popular news media think for them. The news I hear today is mostly propaganda, from either the left or right. They might report the truth, but they embellish and leave out important facts to make it slanted in their favor.

Be real, look at the truth, use logic and common sense. Intelligence and wisdom is very unpopular in the USA. Dont follow the crowd, they are just following others who don't know where they are going. The "Road Less Traveled" is far more interesting and fulfilling. Don't let anyone constrain your ideas, or change your views.

Are you an individual, or just a small speck in bigger groups? Yes it is both, but what about you makes you an unique individual?

And in this season of overindulgence..... what makes it so difficult to understand what the true nature "God" is, why do we celebrate "God"with such an insultive behavior. Doesn't anybody have true faith.

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