December 16, 2005


Do you have the ability to choose what you believe? If you can, please tell me how to do it. How can one believe that "G-D" is a magic being that can do anything, fulfill all your wishes and let you live forever if you just live in a cage while you're alive. Please help understand how the illogical can be rationalized to the point that people are willing to stop living so that this magic can be granted to them. I can believe in "G-D", but I can't force my mind to accept the popular illusion that people have of "G-D". They just don't understand that the true nature of the creator is more rational, natural, and easily understood than the theological mythology people "believe" today.

I know what it really is. It's not they all "believe", it's just the masses following the well worn path. People following others that have been blindly following irrational beliefs because everyone else is doing it.

Now, Lets all go to Wal-Mart, our newest false savior.

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