December 30, 2005

The Hive

Okay, I hate to admit it, but sometimes I watch TV. OK I like docs and the news, and I channel surf until I'm bored out of my mind. In my channel surfing I have come across a channel called Style TV. More than a dozen times I have been caught up in this show where some ex-soap star and and a couple of other mindless barbies want to give someone a makeover. What the hell is this!!!!!!!! WARNING, RANT coming.

In this show they take good looking people who have thier own tastes and are content with their own style, and turn them into plastic faced, fashion industry slave whores. First they tell them that thier own style sucks, and that unless they become like every other glam queen on the street, they will be destined to live a life worse than hell. The last show, they made this very good looking girl trash her glasses. "but I can't see without them" she was crying. They said, it's better to be blind than ugly. Those freaking brain-dead style slaves, may their faces and bodies turn into Gollum's.

Putting on tons of making does not make you look pretty, it makes you look fake, untouchable, and hellish, take off the ugly makeup, put on some comfortable clothes, quit wearing shoes that you can't walk in and ruin your feet. And women with fake breasts, they are a turn-off. I like the small natural looking breasts, the fake ones just look unreal, like balloons. I can buy balloons at the store, I want real!. The intellilectual natural brunette is far more sexually appealling than dumb-blonde cheerleader looking airheads. I love geek-girls. And I'm not alone, most of the guys I hang with feel the same way.

WARNING, WARNING more ranting !!!!!

In the mall here, Parisian has a sub-store aimed at pre-teen girls called Libby Lu (or something like that). This store has a big window so that people walking by can see the whole store and that will draw more pre-teen girls into the store. What are they doing? They sit there and teach very young, innocent, pretty little girls how to make themselves look like prostitutes. I'm not kidding. They pile on tons of makeup and then do Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, trampy type photos and videos. In front of this window is a sitting area. Its not mothers or families in here waiting for their little girls, it's middle-aged men watching little girls getting whored up, and having "lolita" fantasies, and they will be having these fantasies in bed that night. Everytime I go to the mall I see this, because it is right by the main entrance. Doesn't anyone else notice. We go on and on about predators, but here they are creating them, titillating them, arousing them. Is anyone surprised when one of these lurkers that is not mentally well, gives into his perverted craving. Why are we trying to excite them, are they trying to get them to act out their fantasies. Why are we making innocent little girls into sluts by dressing them in sexually arousing clothes and makeovers when authorities have known for a long time that a lot of older middle-aged men are attracted to this type of image. Are you freaking crazy, to put your child in a dangerous situation like this. This is a form of child-abuse.

ohhh, its for the money. Morality in a capitalist culture is currency based. If it makes money, it must be moral.

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texasblu said...

I hear your rants and I totally agree. As a mother of 3 daughters, I advoid stores like Libby Lu. Now, there are no brunettes in my family, (we're full of blondes and red heads - but it's all natural!) but I teach each of my daughters to be completely comfortable with themselves.

Which is why I have a 12 yr. old that loves viloin & shooting (she wants to try our for the Jr. Olympics next year). I have another one heavy into art and gymnastics. My youngest daughter is only four, but she is my girliest, loving ballet and tea parties. But what I find interesting is that my girls have one or two friends that they relate to, and shun the others because they aren't into being "mall rats" like the rest. They've learned that life is too short to watse. Let's hope my four yr. old follows suit.

As for the plastic surgeon stuff, I haven't watched TV in awhile, but we watched that "The Swan" when it first aired. After the first few shows I quit watching because it truly disturbed me to see everyone being made to look the same - not to mention their reactions. It was horrible.