August 3, 2006

I Shaka You

I was the victim of road rage. No damage, no injuries, just on the receiving end of a lot of anger. I wasn't as scared as I was entertained, most road ragers are just venting frustration, I know, I used to do it myself, until I learned to just "hang loose". The guy was tailgating me very close, and there was an open lane to go around me, so I'm still confused as to why he was raging at me. He kept on me for about a quarter of a mile, and, as I do with all tailgaters, I slowed and tapped my brakes. This seem to infuriate him. There was an open lane next to me, why wasn't he going around. As we came to an intersection with a right turn lane, he pulled into that lane, got real close to the side of my car. He had his window rolled down and he was yelling something, I had my windows rolled up (A/C on), the radio cranked, so I couldn't hear what he was saying. I just wanted to calm him down, he was obviously upset about something. So I made the hand sign of "hang loose", shaka, at him and smiled. His hand came out the window with a butterfly knife showing me that he could use it, twirling the blade in and out of the handle, and starting acting like he was going to ram the side of my car. His old Dodge Caravan was swerving in the lanes, and I noticed other cars behind him slowing and pointing at him. I started laughing, because it was obvious to me he was playing around, but he seemed to rage even more than. He hit brakes and pulled in behind me and stayed right on my bumper for about a mile, I just kept going slower and slower hoping some cop would notice, he finally did a u-turn and went the other way.
Had I done something to make him mad? I don't see how, I had just pulled out of my nieghborhood street and he pulled out of the opposite side of the road into my lane when the left lane was open, from a shopping center. Poor guy, I guess he was just a neocon having a bad day. Maybe the heat was getting to him, it was 99, heat index of 110.

Come on people, we're all in this together.

I guess I can thank him for one thing, he gave something to blog about.

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